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This paper "Africans and Americans – The Differences between Cultures" focuses on the African Americans contributed a great deal to the American culture. As seen in the research conducted by Boyd, this influence has had a huge influence in America in general. …
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Africans and Americans The Differences between Cultures
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 The African Americans contributed a great deal to the American culture. As seen in the research conducted by Boyd, this influence has had a huge influence in America in general1. Among the major influences that African Americans have made on the American culture include music2. Evidently African music has claimed a huge percentage of the American culture. The various forms of African music are not only well represented in the American culture, but also have transformed the American popular music forms. A good example is the rap music that has slowly creeped into the American culture where musicians speak; while at the same time sing some verses of their songs3. Yet another notable musical aspect that has influenced the American musical forms include jazz and blues music forms- that were African instigated- that have made an entry into American music.
Secondly, the language system of the African Americans has played a vast role in shaping the culture of the Americans today. Boyd argues that the Africans had to devise a new form of language that would lead to their bonding whilst in the Diaspora4 . These languages involved the merging of the African, American and Caribbean vernaculars5. Today, the American language has seen the entry of these languages into the English structure. Though the same has been termed as slang, evidently, the African American language has claimed a huge percentage of the American language.
Thirdly, African American art has influenced the American culture. In his work, Mbele argues that African American art has been accepted in the American culture6. Good examples include drawings, designs, architecture and carpets7. Present day American art display a huge percentage of African American artistic qualities8. This is an interpretation of the fact that Americans have slowly embraced and appreciated the African American works of art.
The African American cultural expressions impact and leave an impression on American culture as a whole in many ways. In terms of politics, language and music amongst others, African American culture has continued to have a place in the American society. In the case of politics for example, the Unites States now has an African American president. This is a clear suggestion of how far the African American culture has taken part a huge percentage of the American culture. The typical American culture cannot alienate itself from the africanisation. Arguing that America has lost its ties with Africa is therefore fallacious.
With time, the cultural elements of African American culture are slowly being transmitted into the American culture. The dances in the American today are also a culmination of American culture. The White dancers as seen in the work of Boyd have a huge borrowing from the African American culture9 . A good example is the tap dance that has both the African American and European feel10. Evidently, a lot of attention has been shed on the African American culture explaining the same has been reflected in the American culture.
Boyd, Todd. African Americans and Popular Culture [3 volumes]. London: ABC-CLIO, 2008.
Mbele, Joseph. Africans and Americans: Embracing Cultural Differences. New York:, 2005. Read More
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