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This paper "The Universal Experience of Being Different" focuses on the feeling of being different or the sense of oneself has been supposed to start as early as an hour after birth. By feeling different the infants are able to separate them self from both human and nonhuman beings. …
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The Universal Experience of Being Different
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The Universal Experience of Being Different
The feeling of being different or the sense of oneself has been supposed to start as early as an hour after birth. By feeling different the infants are able to separate them self from both human and nonhuman beings. Moreover, it is the same feeling that enable human being develop self identity and individuality. However, apart from self identity and the sense of individualism there are other characteristics such as skin color, culture and ethnicity that separate a group from the other and a person from the other. This truly shows that human beings are different and they experience the felling of being different.
In the whole world, there about 4000 cultures, meaning there are about 4000 groups of individuals that identify themselves with each culture. Each group being characterized by unique language, names, membership of the culture, as well as, an agreement on what should be carried on to the next generation and so forth. In addition, it is also important to note that even members of the same culture may be different and feel different in the company of each other. For example, a poor man in the company of a rich man may feel uncomfortable regardless of them coming form same culture.
In America the obvious being expected to feel different is a member of an ethnic group in the company of white Americans. In addition to cultural differences and the skin color there are other aspects that further separate the ethnic communities living America from the white Americans. These include economical status, their history, as well as, their population compared to that of white Americans. For example an attempt to evaluate the experience of black Americans in America revealed that it was both compromising and hopeful.
In conclusion, it is clear from the article that there is more in feeling different than self identity and individualism. People of different culture, skin color, ethnic group, and economic levels feel different in the company of each other. These are all separate factors that cannot be generalized as either self identity or individualism. It is, therefore, true to say that universal experience of being different in human being is real and indeed human beings are different. Read More
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