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Defining Culture - Essay Example

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 This essay describes an aspect that builds up social capital in various communities namely culture. People who practice the same cultural activities often reason alike and participate in similar communal activities. Culture promotes a social bond among. …
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Defining Culture
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Download file to see previous pages Social cultures are the arrangements that exist between people who share a cultural practice or people from a common organization (Cole 56). They are used to place people into groups thus making it easier to identify their social belonging. Social cultures are defined by the activities that are carried out in a social setup. An example of a social structure is the western culture which was initially popular because it led to the oppression of women. Women in this social setup were dominated by the male gender. They were denied the chance to practice their social rights as well as cultural values. This made the female gender to grow up with low self-esteem as most of the women in this social background were left to work as secretaries and waitresses (Cole 56). However, the advancement of technology has changed this cultural practice and given women equal chances to engage in a variety of social and economic activities thus creating competition in the society. This portrays that culture is indeed a perpetuating phenomenon since it can be altered by the change of environment, in this case, the advancement of technology and the change in generations.
The Shirazi organization is a business organization that is rich in cultural values, norms, and beliefs. It is an organization that brings together people from various denominations to a common agreement and thus instills certain beliefs in them that help them build up a social capital. The aim of the organization is to provide its members with common belief and mentality that helps them build up a prosperous society and business structure. The organization is a non-material type of an organization whose ambition is to create a social group with traditional norms, values as well as symbols and develop the members into becoming ambassadors of social and economic development.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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