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The Culture of Ghosts in the Six Dynasties Period - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "The Culture of Ghosts in the Six Dynasties Period" focuses on the rethinking ghosts in world religion. As the text has it, ancient China was widely depicted in the perspective of two related faiths when it comes to concepts concerning ghosts…
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The Culture of Ghosts in the Six Dynasties Period
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Extract of sample "The Culture of Ghosts in the Six Dynasties Period"

There remained a tense situation as the Daoist Adepths and the Buddhist proselytes tried to harness confidence from the latter.  As a result, the rise of the two religions with completely contradicting ideologies resulted in a lot of controversies that led to the immense production of literature (Teiser).
Nonetheless, it was a common belief for the Buddhist and the Daoists that the ghosts were of anthropomorphic nature. This phenomenon still allowed for their ultimate revealing in their original or normal forms. This was widely depicted in the perspective of inanimate things, dead animals and human beings altogether. however, we should understand that unlike the Buddhist who paid little attention to ghost origins; the Daoists were very strict and adamant in relating the origin of ghosts from inanimate things among animals and human beings. This resulted to their wide naming of the various types of ghosts inclusive of; ghosts of roaming and exorcism and ghosts of Wang-Liang among many others. This widely assisted the Daoist priests in their exorcism endeavors (Poo,234).
On the other hand, the Buddhist Sutrans only emphasized a general name, GUI, an aspect which referred to ghosts from a general perspective. The same word had an Indian aspect that contradicted its meaning into, ‘demons of man-eating nature’. This referred to eternal suffering in hell on hunger for the sins they initially committed on earth. All the same, both religions were a great source of answerers to the mysteries associated with ghosts (Poo,234,235). Read More
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