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The author of the following paper under the title 'Motion Picture Censorship' is focused on the motion picture code which was created to govern the making of silent, talking, and/or synchronized motion pictures. It seeks to ensure that obscenity is prevented…
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Motion Picture Censorship
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In as much as people want to be free to express and show their feelings towards a portrayed picture, it can really be heartbreaking when such information is projected at a time when it is least expected. A criminal deserves punishment and such a scene should not receive sympathy, why then should it obtain one? In my view, the code provided just what I could have longed to happen to the media projections.
Censorship is the suppression of public communication or speech, which may be considered sensitive objectionable, inconvenient, or harmful to the general public according to a media outlet, government or any other responsible body (Butters 7). There has been a steady change in censorship as the years go by. From 1948 to 1968, there has been a change in censorship not only in the film industry but also in literature and theatre. In 1948, censorship was the order of the day. A major censure in literature occurred when the Roman Catholic Church censored books and provided an index for forbidden books basing on the fact that they were acting as zealous guardians of the faith. As years progressed towards 1968, censorship was steadily becoming a thing of the past with the enactment of various Acts nullifying various censorships. A good example is the theatres Act of 1968 that abolished censorship of the stage. Many people also gradually learned about their rights and therefore worked against censorship in different industries. An example was the protest was held against nude censorship in 1968. Though at times not for the right reasons, It showed that people were taking charge of what they believe in. in my personal view, such changes were very much necessary because most of them, like those in the film industry, enabled filmmakers to make the most out of their resources. It gave room for investors in the diverse fields to exploit their potentials and ensure maximum utilization of resources. I am however glad that the ban on censorship did not go too far because it can have adverse effects on the morals of people at large.
The MPAA ratings could not have come up at any other better time. Safeguarding artistic work was the best thing that could ever have happened. The fact that filmmakers had to meet the requirements of each board lest are banned was demanding. MPAA development relieved filmmakers of the harassment they had to undergo through the approval process by the different boards.
Films and television programs are watched all over the world by people of all ages. Keeping in mind that some families watch the television together as well as films, it would have been very discomforting when nude or rather sensitive pictures like lustful kissing and romance were projected while young children have their eyes glued to the screen. Knowing how inquisitive children can be, film and television censorship has saved parents and the elderly of the questions they would have been made to answer. In my opinion, this censorship was the best. Read More
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Motion Picture Censorship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 631 Words.
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