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The paper "Marketing Cultural Icons" highlights that in the United States of America, there are many cultural icons that are associated with the United States culture. Two examples of cultural icons from the United States are the cowboy hat and basketball…
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Marketing Cultural Icons
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In this time and age, certain cultural icons represent a lot of meaning and symbolism to people. It should also be d that cultural icons have a significant influence on individuals in society. These cultural symbols create a sort of imprint on an individual’s lifestyle, which in turn forms cliques or groups who hold similar interests. Cultural icons tend to be seemingly mundane or simple items in origin that would have been regarded as a reference towards the culture it represents.
Basketball is perhaps the most popular team sport that originated from the United States. People who play basketball are those who come out as athletic, confident and persistent by impression.
Other countries also have their own cultural icons that influence people in the United States. An example is the Japanese influence of the Zen garden on the architectural homes in the United States. People in the United States who have a Zen garden are seen as spiritual, simplistic and calm. A similar example would be the Indian exercise of Yoga. People who do or practice Yoga in the United States are seen as individuals who are healthy, mystical and at peace. Read More
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Marketing Cultural Icons Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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