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Importance of the Rifle in the American Culture - Essay Example

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This essay discusses “The Rifle” in which Gary Paulsen writes about a rifle that was built in the 1700s and follows it throughout the course of history. Basically, he uses the example of a rifle and relates it to the changes that have occurred throughout American history…
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Importance of the Rifle in the American Culture
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Download file to see previous pages This essay demonstrates that the victory in the American Revolution further motivated the gun smiths of America to concentrate on new designs of guns and rifles. During the earlier years the supply of the guns was limited because a lot of time was to be spent on the creation of the gun and the guns smiths were few. Later however, as the areas rich in iron core were discovered the number of gun smiths grew. (Pike, 2007) The discovery of the basic natural resource needed for the creation attracted many people into this occupation. As a result there were many more advancements in the gun industry. For example some of the designs created at that time were so sophisticated that they still remain to be used for sports activities. (Pike, 2007) This phase was an important one for the Americans because the enhanced gun industry became an identity for the people of America at that time. Even to this day, the gun industry remains representative of the American tradition.
To conclude, the rifle and the guns throughout history have proved to be an integral part of the American Culture. The American gunsmiths were the ones who transformed the bulky and heavy muskets that were initially introduced to America into weapons that were more useful and precise. Had the American gunsmiths not taken any interest in the developments of the guns, the gun industry would not have been as developed as it is today. The fire arms industry today owes a lot to the gunsmiths of America at the time of the American Revolution. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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