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This paper describes architectural masterpiece and explains why it deserves to be officially recognized as the eighth wonder. Seven Wonders of the World are well-known and appreciated by everybody. Now scientists are looking for the eighth wonder…
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The Eighth Wonder of The World
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The Eighth Wonder of The World
Seven Wonders of the World are well-known and appreciated by everybody. Now scientists are looking for the eighth wonder. It is going to be chosen among architectural masterpieces created in 20th -21st centuries. The first candidate is American Empire State Building. This skyscraper was already named the Eighth wonder of the world, though was not officially recognized as it. The given paper will tell about this architectural masterpiece and explain why it deserves to be officially recognized as the eighth wonder.
The Empire State Building
The Empire State Building is 102-story skyscraper that situated in New York on Manhattan Island. From 1932 till 1972, when The North Tower of World Trade Center was founded, this giant was considered the tallest building in the world and the grandfather of all world skyscrapers. In 2001, when the towers of World trade center were destroyed, The Empire State Building again became the tallest skyscraper. The architecture style of the building is Art Deco (Tauranac, 1975).
In 1986 The Empire State Building entered the list of National Historical Monuments and in 2007 the building became the head of the list of the best American Architectural Solutions according to the American Architectural Institute. W&H Properties Company is the owner and the manager of the building. The Tower is situated on the Fifth Avenue, between the 33rd and 34th Street (Tauranac, 1975).
As the Skyscraper is surrounded by many offices, it can’t be viewed in full from below. It is accomplished in modest but very elegant Art Deco style. In contrast to many modern skyscrapers, the front of the tower is fulfilled in classical style. On the grey stone front there are strips of stainless steel and the upper stores look like three projections. The hall is 30 meters in length. It is decorated with the picture representing Seven Wonders of the World with the eighth added to them – The Empire State Building itself. In 1964 the system of floodlights was set on the top of the towel to illuminate the top in different colors. It is interesting that the colors are chosen depending on the season of the year, holiday or event (Tauranac, 1975).
Trace in Culture
In the Empire State Building there is a hall of Guinness Records there is the information about outstanding records and record-holders. The tower was first shown in the film King Kong in 1933. After that it was represented in many other famous films such as Love Affair and Empire. The building plays an important role in the sport life of the world because race competitions are held there annually (Tauranac, 1975).
Although the Empire State Building has not been officially declared as Eighth wonder of the World yet, we should hope that it will be appreciated at its true value. Many architectural solutions of the modern world name themselves “eighth wonders”, but the Empire State Building is the only, which deserves this name in art.
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