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America Is Enhanced By Many Cultures Which Inhabit It - Article Example

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This paper “America Is Enhanced By Many Cultures Which Inhabit It” will argue that America is enhanced by many cultures which inhabit it. There has been raging debate over the years on whether many cultures enhance a society or not. Culturally homogenous society tends to record low rates of developments…
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America Is Enhanced By Many Cultures Which Inhabit It
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Extract of sample "America Is Enhanced By Many Cultures Which Inhabit It"

America Is Enhanced By Many Cultures Which Inhabit It Inarguably, the United s of America hasmany cultures from virtually all parts of the world. American culture is mainly based on the British culture with many influences from the Native American people, Asian Americans, African Americans, Europeans, and young groups of immigrants from other parts of the world. American culture is extensive with many integrated but unique subcultures within the United States (Mizruchi 16). History has shown that there is a very close relationship between America’s economic and political traditions and the many cultures that inhabit the country. Culture is a critical element of any society as it standardizes the relationships and interactions among people by allowing them to make assumptions that are reasonably confident about the reactions of the individuals interacting with one another (Hardwick et al 32). America has one of the most advanced political and economic developments in the world. This has been attributed by some people to the many cultures that inhabit the country. However, there are those who argue that America’s remarkable development in all spheres of life has been due to other factors and many cultures inhabiting it has played insignificant role to this development (Takaki 59). This paper will argue that America is enhanced by many cultures which inhabit it. There has been raging debate over the years on whether many cultures enhance a society or not. Various studies have indicated that culturally homogenous society tends to record low rates of developments compared to culturally heterogeneous society (Inglehart 101). This argument is informed by the view that redistribution of income by the government often results to economic inefficiency which contributes to lowered economic growth and development. That notwithstanding, a number of studies have found out that culturally heterogeneous societies may also experience lowered economic growth and development and economic inefficiency as well (Osoba 347). This can be as a result of the intergroup conflicts which may turn violent. It can also be as a result of one or more cultures trying to dominate and suppress other cultures. While the United States’ history has instances of conflicts between cultures which hampered its social, political, and economic growth, its success as a country can be greatly attributed to many cultures that inhabit it (Loonin 21). Cultural traits matter for economic and political behavior and choices and are different across cultures. United States is one of the several countries in the world that have demonstrated that a country can achieve tremendous progress as a result of many cultures that inhabit it. Research by various political economists has found out that many cultures inhabiting the United States have had positive politico-economic effects on the United States (Takaki 80). While many cultures in some countries have impeded trade, they have spurred trade in the United States. Many cultures present bin the United States have led to the high American population that provides wider market for industrial goods and adequate labor thereby spurring economic growth (Osoba 365). Also, many cultures in the United States have contributed to the diffusion of technology which has been facilitated by presence of different cultures that brought different civilizations. In addition, different food, customs, and lifestyles within the America borders as a result of many cultures have created many entrepreneurial opportunities in the United States as entrepreneurs make efforts towards meeting demands of people of these cultures (Mizruchi 16). The argument that many cultures have enhanced United States is supported by the political and economic decisions that America as a country made and continues to make. In an attempt to avoid inter-culture conflicts that may lead to policy failures and even wars, America has been striving to formulate policies that serve the interests of all ethnic groups including the minority groups (Hardwick et al 32). The United States government and civil society organizations have been at the forefront of formulating and implementing policies that promotes equality among all citizens regardless of their cultures and ethnic groups. This has helped the United States to attain tremendous economic growth and development and remarkable political success (Inglehart 101). The essence of many cultures and the role they play in developing the country has been acknowledged by majority of American citizens and in the America constitution. The concept of democracy that has gained popularity across the world in recent years has thrived in America, and the country is considered as the model for democracy all over the world. The concept of democracy is founded, among other factors, the need to sustain many cultures through elements such as tolerance, consent, and equality (Takaki 44). In conclusion, it is evidently clear that America is enhanced by many cultures which inhibit it. Over the decades, America has attracted many cultures which have significantly contributed to its social, economic, and political developments. These cultures have led to the increase of the country’s population which has in turn led to economic growth and development. Also, presence of many cultures in America has led to the formulation and implementation of policies that promotes political and social progress. Works Cited Hardwick, Susan et al. The Geography of North America: Environment, Political Economy, and Culture. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008. Print. Inglehart, Ronald. Modernization and Postmodernization: Cultural, Economic, and Political Change in 43 Societies. Princeton, NJ: Princeton Univ. Press, 1997. Print. Loonin, Meryl. Multicultural America. San Diego: Lucent Books, 2004. Print. Mizruchi, Susan L. The Rise of Multicultural America: Economy and Print Culture, 1865-1915. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2008. Print. Osoba, Brian J. "Culture and Entrepreneurial Activity in the United States: A Quantitative Analysis." Innovation: The European Journal of Social Sciences 22.3 (2009): 341-370. Takaki, Ronald. A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America. New York: Back Bay Books, 2008. Print. Takaki, Ronald T. Debating Diversity: Clashing Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity in America. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002. Print. Read More
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