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 This essay discusses that separate human beings from other creatures in this planet are its ability to concoct items of symbolic significance to create and influence the sense, emotion, and intellect. Art takes many forms and transcends to several mediums…
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Definition of Art
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Download file to see previous pages It communicates not only the artist ideas but also its emotion. It is largely based and facilitated more by intuition than reason as the receiver is more dependent on the experience and feeling evoked by the art. While art can be interpreted by logical reasoning as what was impressed to the spectator, the experience, however, is still subjective and relative to the interpretation of the receiver. Such, while the intellectual faculty is stimulated by the impression of a particular art form, it still appeals largely on emotion. And unlike the Scientific subject, art is generally organized in accordance with the technique or medium rather than the specialization of knowledge. Artistic technique refers to the degree of fluency of the artist in rendering the art through a medium. For example, with regard to its classification according to the medium, art can be categorized as the performing arts or literature. With regard to other media such as the material or component in rendering the artistic by-product, it can also be classified as “painting” in reference to the medium of paint of rendering the artistic impression. Art also requires a loftier sense of ability or mastery of its medium. It can be the well-versed articulation and adept use of a language to impart meaning and substance that moves the readers. That mastery of the language, whether it be the creative style or the originality of the approach of rendering the thoughts, or a combination of the two, has been best exemplified by the works of William Shakespeare as it enables the reader to grasp his meaning while regurgitating the manner it was conveyed with words. The fluency of technical execution can also be construed as art and even a requirement as manifested in Leonardo da Vinci’s works. For art is subjective and relative to the experience of its viewers, making the judgment about its value can be difficult. The quality or value of art is difficult to determine for the criteria of what makes good or bad art is also relative; whether it is the technical fluency of the artist or the intent and impact of the art to its receiver determines a good or bad art is difficult to say. Perception differs from one person to another. But regardless of its subjectivity, it is commonly agreed that what is not aesthetically satisfying cannot be considered as an art. Aesthetic satisfaction is not only confined to beauty, however; gory and horrible images that are intended for social or thought-provoking intention can also be considered as art although its prime motivation is not the aesthetic pursuit. The classic example to this would be Pablo Picasso’s Guemica (1937) In the twentieth century, where he utilized arresting cubist techniques and unembellished monochromatic oils, to portray the dreadful result of a contemporary bombing of a small, ancient Basque town. Even blasphemous rendering can still be considered as an art as exampled by  Andres Serrano's Piss Christ (1989) where a photograph of a cross which is considered holy to the Christian religion, depicted Christ's sacrifice and final suffering in a manner that is immersed in the artist’s own urine.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Definition of Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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