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Doll Barbie as a Threat to the Intrinsic Culture of Iran - Case Study Example

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This essay describes that the famous doll Barbie has been considered as a threat to the intrinsic culture of Iran by the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults. For Muslim Americans, a Michigan based manufacturer produced the doll Razanne…
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Doll Barbie as a Threat to the Intrinsic Culture of Iran
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Extract of sample "Doll Barbie as a Threat to the Intrinsic Culture of Iran"

Download file to see previous pages The boyfriend culture and alcohol are too inconsistent with the Islamic culture of Iran. Owing to these facts, the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults shaped the doll Sara to knock the Barbie off the shelves in Iranian markets. Sara’s complexion is darker than Barbie and her hair is black. She appears in the traditional Iranian chador that is long enough to touch the floor. Instead of a boyfriend, the Institute designed Dara, who holds the status of Sara’s brother. He wears a turban on the head and a coat. Since thirty years from now when the Islamic Revolution occurred in Iran, Iran has become sensitive about the way West has conventionally influenced other cultures through its products. Accordingly, Iran ceased a Coca-Cola factory that was known to promote American culture in Iran, though not all Iranians condemn Barbie. There are owners of toy stores in Iran who consider Barbie as a means of business that has got nothing to do with culture. And there is a moderate community among Iranians that do not like the government’s idea of prohibiting things in the name of culture. Barbie is still popular in Iran and its massive smuggling into Iran stays as an evidence for that. Barbie has been liked a lot in the Arab world, though the Arab League designed the doll Leila in order to make the Arab girls proud of their indigenous culture. Leila was a ten years old doll, the color of whose hair and eyes were black. She wore both Western and traditional Arabic dresses. Leila’s price was $10, which was much less than that of Barbie. However, Leila could not be launched. For Muslim Americans, a Michigan based manufacturer produced the doll Razanne. Razanne promotes the message that the inside of humans matters instead of the way they look. Razanne is preteen and is of three kinds; the blonde fair Razanne, the black haired and olive skinned Razanne, and the black haired and black skinned Razanne.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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