Arabs' Generosity and Hospitality in the Arabian Peninsula - Essay Example

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This research aims to evaluate and present the reasons of the extreme generosity and hospitality of the Arabs. Being generous and extending good hospitality, to the Arabs, is a behavioral norm that is of immense value and is an intrinsic element of their culture…
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Arabs Generosity and Hospitality in the Arabian Peninsula
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Download file to see previous pages Another major reason of the extreme generosity and hospitality of the Arabs is that they are encouraged by their religion to be that way. The influence on Islam on the culture of the Arabs cannot be overemphasized. This is evident from almost all good behaviors displayed by the Arabs. For example, the Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula frequently make use of these words in their everyday conversation with one another; inshaAllah and mashaAllah, which mean “if Allah wills so” and “as Allah has willed” respectively. Islam is the religion of a vast majority of Arabs in the Arabian Peninsula. Islam places immense emphasis on the hospitality of guests and encourages its followers to be highly generous to others. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) said, “Nothing shall ensure the welfare (and interests) of your religion except generosity and good disposition” (, 2011). This is the reason why Islam has a well-defined system of Zakat i.e. charity. While paying Zakat is obligatory upon every Muslim who has assets or money above a certain limit, Islam also encourages its followers to pay more than just Zakat from what they have to the deserving; known as Sadqa in Islam. Allah says, “Take alms from their wealth in order to purify them and sanctify them with it, and invoke Allah for them” (9:103 cited in Jabir al-Jaza'iry, 2013). In addition to Zakat and Sadqa, gift-giving is a very popular practice and tradition of Islam. Islam encourages its followers to exchange gifts with one another because it promotes love between them and causes the animosity to recede. It is important to note here that Islam has defined particular standards for gift-giving. Islam encourages its followers to give the same thing to others as gifts that they would choose...
It is evident from the study that the Arabs consider being generous and hospitable a matter of honor and feel obliged to display it toward others as if it is a sacred duty that they have to perform. Arabs think of it more as an obligation and cultural duty to be generous and hospitable to each other as well as outsiders than simply a behavior. That is why they are famous for generosity and hospitality. Three main reasons of their generosity and hospitality are their centuries of living and trade in the deserts that made them extremely dependent upon one another, the teachings of Islam that place immense emphasis on the display of generosity and hospitality toward others, and the homogeneity of the culture and demographics of the Arab countries in the Arabian Peninsula. Islam is the religion of a vast majority of the Arabs in the Arabian Peninsula, and its impact and influence of the culture of the countries in the Arabian Peninsula is immense. The extreme generosity and hospitality of the Arab people makes the foreigners feel like at home in the Arab countries. This has benefited both the Arabs and the foreigners as millions of foreigners are employed in the Arab countries and are contributing to the development and prosperity of the Arab countries. Both nationally and internationally, the Arab countries of the Arabian Peninsula have adopted the policies of generosity and hospitality which has helped them foster good relations with other countries of the world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Arabs' Generosity and Hospitality in the Arabian Peninsula" is quite popular among the tasks in university. Still, this sample opens a brand new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the manner for my own paper.

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