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Change Management Issue - Essay Example

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The object of this essay is to define whether or not a particular ethical theory can be applied to a particular situation at work. The author will explain the situation and provide its reader with the discussion of particular ethical theories which can be used to support a decision made by the company…
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Change Management Issue
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Download file to see previous pages The given case study represents a very common situation in the workplace. In this case, we have a situation where a person is experiencing a lack of ethical-judgment. To come close to the point, we have a case in which an individual decided that his moral principles were more desirable to the company than the policies or procedures at his workplace. The case showed that both Mr. B and Bob demonstrated unethical attitudes toward Steven, the worker within their department. Failure to take a more ethical attitude toward Steven led him to continue working in the same IT department and doing a job he hates. Applying more ethical principles at the workplace would have saved Steven from being forced to do the job he hates.                            
A clue to the case can be derived from Kantian ethics. Kantian ethics is frequently referred to as deontological or rule-based ethics. Kantian ethics is traditionally concerned with what makes a principle right or wrong. Kantian ethics is based on the famous categorical imperative. In the course of his research, Kant provides people with two main formulations of the categorical imperative. Kantian ethical principles indicate that each person should act as a rational being. The Kantian approach eliminates any possible cases of lying (Kant, I, p.56, 1996).
The Kantian approach to lying indicates that the philosopher supported a total prohibition of lying as a form of building relations with other people. Kant also mentioned the fact that lying cannot become a universal law for all people, thus pointing to the fact that lying is virtually impossible in the workplace. Such negative attitudes toward lying are reasoned by the fact that work relations are supposed to be built on trust and mutual understanding. Since a lie depends upon someone believing you, a person who lies shows disrespect to the other person who is placing their trust the one the liar (Kant, I, p.58, 1996).
When we view Steven’s case from Kant’s theory, we see that Mr. Bob, HR, ignored his duty in order to avoid lying. Instead of ethical behavior, he became involved in cheating.  According to Kant, cheating people are the worst examples of unethical behavior in the workplace.
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