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All my life, and before this project, I had never done scheduling and budgeting. This is because my dad always did everything for me and provided everything I wanted. The purpose of this project was to improve my time management skills, as well help me in being responsible and accountable for how I spend my time…
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Personal Time budget
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Personal Time Budget 16-Jan Personal Time budget All my life, and before this project, I had never done scheduling and budgeting. This is because my dad always did everything for me and provided everything I wanted. The process of creating a time and budget plan in this project was, therefore, a bit foreign to me, and was difficult at first. The purpose of this project was to improve my time management skills, as well help me in being responsible and accountable for how I spend my time.
The objective of the schedule is to help me avoid time wastage and make appropriate use of my time. The schedule will also help me in proper planning to ensure that I achieve my personal goals. The plan will also help me to keep track of how I use my time and the activities I am involved in. Being my first experience I may not be in a position to teach other people on how to create an effective personal time budget. To ensure the clarity of this project, the schedule was planned within the scope of one month. According to my first schedule my typical day included time for sleeping, studying and working,
The scheduling process also involved some rules and restrictions that will ensure that I am able to me effectively govern my time. One of the set rules was to avoid activities that are time wasting such as excessive watching of TV and idling. I also restricted myself from bad company that could negatively influence my proper time management. While creating the schedule, I assumed that everything will run smoothly and that I will manage to ensure that everything is done at the assigned time, for example, I should not sleep for more than eight hours each day, and that I will always study for 2 hours each day. To achieve this, planning for every day will be a vital process.
With this budget, I hope to accomplish good time management skills, get rid of time wasting activities and attain my personal goals. My first schedule was, however, not effective since I had not been consistent in following it. For this reason my teacher failed me and asked me to consider it as an iterative process and follow it consistently. Read More
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