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The Observing a Cemetery - Essay Example

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 This essay describes a cemetery, a place by and large associated with negative undertones. In the first paragraph, the writer describes the graveyard in affirmative radiance, focusing on the serenity, tranquility, and beauty, while in the second he casts a negative shadow, focusing on neglect…
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The Observing a Cemetery
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Download file to see previous pages I was deeply engrossed in the sweet and soft music of natures’ orchestra while shiny, intricately engraved brass cross stood directly above to guard me against all evils. As l touched the soft flowers and felt the crisp leaves under me, it dawned on me that like never before, my mind is perfectly clear and my thoughts absolutely focused. Grief-stricken by the obvious neglect, l slumped against a tombstone. Thick overgrown grass and weeds surrounded me. The sky above me was misty and overcast and the atmosphere seemed ghastly. The bitter cold autumn wind bit my body irritably. I watched in sadness, a woman weeping at a nearby grave, her sobbing breaking the eerie silence, like an erroneous note in a chorus. From the ruins of a mausoleum, the wrinkled undertaker was constantly staring at me suspiciously with his tired eyes. The air was thick with the unpleasant smell of exposed skeletons. As my realized the gross disrespect and neglect, the cold and stinging arms of guilt gripped me. The old oak tree looked just like the untendered graves, a heartbreaking failure to provide rightfully owed perpetual care. In anguish, all my senses screamed sorrow and sadness and l could not lift my eyes from the ground. I was deeply resenting coming here and wanted desperately for this disrespect to end. In these two paragraphs, I described a cemetery, a place by and large associated with negative undertones. In the first paragraph, I describe the graveyard in affirmative radiance, focusing on the serenity, tranquility, and beauty, while in the second I cast a negative shadow, focusing on neglect, and that “guilty” feeling that seems to grip your body. A Direct Statement of Meaning: I concluded the first paragraph with …“ it dawned on me that like never before, my mind is perfectly clear and my thoughts absolutely focused.”   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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