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A Catholic Voodoo: The Uniqueness of Dominicans Religion - Research Paper Example

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This essay discusses a catholic Voodoo: the uniqueness of Dominicans’ religion. The term voodoo provokes fierce disagreement among learned Dominicans. It is not clear what rouses the debate: a faith cloaked in an enigma, marked by strange ceremonies and supernatural concepts…
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A Catholic Voodoo: The Uniqueness of Dominicans Religion
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Extract of sample "A Catholic Voodoo: The Uniqueness of Dominicans Religion"

Download file to see previous pages The Dominicans, originally for the launching of religious supremacy, and afterward, in a harsh fight for independence, have begun to relate all Haitian practices and customs to demonism. Historically, Haiti has been depicted as one and the same with everything that is savage and evil. Research on Haiti, its culture and religion, and its strong connections with the Dominican Republic has just quite recently been started, in a neutral way in the Dominican Republic (Potter 2009). According to the American Anthropological Association (1988), many artistic, sociological, and anthropological studies, as well as fine arts, literature, and music are being carried out in an attempt to emphasize the impact of what is Afro-Dominican and Haitian in the traditions and culture of Dominicans. The below picture shows the original African voodoo ceremony:
Voodoo is defined as “a belief system that today includes aspects of various myths that originated with different tribes in Africa and that incorporates aspects of Christianity” (Brown 1999, 74). The myths mostly originated from the Fon and Yoruba countries in the African continent where a twofold divine being, embodied by the moon and the sun, is revered. In addition, there are many deities and spirits, called together as ‘loas’, which intercede between the spirits and human beings. Unique recognition by name generally reminds of the birthplace of that specific ‘loa’ in Africa. Hence, for instance, there could be a ‘loa’ named ‘wangol’, ‘congas’, or ‘yoruba’ (Brown 1996, 74). There is a space for a fresh ‘loa’ all the time as a formerly unnamed ‘loa’ could possess a faithful advocate or a priest and hence progress into the shrine of ‘loas’ as a fresh ‘loa’.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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