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Economics is an intense field of study which I find myself deeply attracted to. It is fascinating to study on how economics can get used to combat simple and complex concepts affecting the society. I am avidly interested in obtaining an interdisciplinary education in socio-economics at Brown University…
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Reasons to Study in Brown University
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Personal ment Economics is an intense field of study which I find myself deeply attracted to. It is fascinating to study on how economics can get used to combat simple and complex concepts affecting the society. I am avidly interested in obtaining an interdisciplinary education in both socio-economics and environment at Brown University through its open curriculum.
Growing up in Hong Kong, I got captivated by the city’s beautiful skyline adorned with beautiful skyscrapers. The older I became I got to realize that underneath the beautiful skyscrapers brought about by economic advancement of the city there was trouble brewing. Poor land management by the government resulted to air and water pollution resulting to health hazards (Biswas 62). The city has evolved to lose its healthy and pleasant living environment. With this at the back of my mind, I became motivated to major in environmental economics. I got interested in studying ways through which a balance between the environment, human population and the economy can get placed to create a sustainable path for the future.
As part of my goal to study environmental sustainability, I got to intern in San Francisco for the government resource allocation policy under of Eric Mar who was the supervisor. During the internship, I worked in the 8 Washington project which focused on renovating a recreational area into an environmentally conscious residential area. Through the internship, I got to learn that economic advancement can coexist with social development only when meticulous research and planning gets undertaken (Callan & Thomas 82). It is while working under this project that my strong desire for sustainable eco solutions developed further. I got to witness first hand the positive impact that green energy solutions such as geothermal and solar panels had on the environment, social development and population.
Following my ethos of giving back to the community, I also got to intern at the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association –SPUR. At SPUR, I got to work for the underprivileged residents such as the immigrant population. Working at SPUR was an eye opening experience where I got to view the impact of placing economic development before environment sustainability. Socially unsustainable economic development contributes to social problems.
Through my major in environmental economics, I plan to speak up as a non profit leader on the imbalance of development. I wish to provide knowledgeable and objective recommendations to the government in regards to ideal land use and natural resource allocation (Callan & Thomas 202). I wish to protect the rights of the underprivileged communities to a healthy environment. With this in mind I seek to also undertake leadership courses at the University of California to offer me with further new perspectives as I achieve my major.
Every great journey begins with taking the first step away from home. Raised in Hong Kong, I left my family with whom I got totally reliant on and came to San Francisco independently for college to explore my goals and the broader world. I have high ambitions that I wish in the future I can play a role in policy formulation in environmental economics (Biswas 168).
I wish to strive for academic excellence from the world-renowned environmental economics program of Brown University and give back to the society one day in a significant way.
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