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Policy, planning and development for tourism - Case Study Example

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In some countries, it happens at a national level and its structures are not the same as those applied in countries tourism development planning takes place at city, region, or town level. Planning for…
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Policy, planning and development for tourism
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Extract of sample "Policy, planning and development for tourism"

Download file to see previous pages In the southern part of Australia, there is an island, Kangaroo Island, commonly known for its abundance in wildlife animals and tourists flock there every year for various reasons (Ritchie and Crouch, 2003:55). This paper will seek to will provide a report detailing policy, planning, and development for tourism in Kangaroo Island.
The Kangaroo Island covers a wide area, as it is 155 kilometers long, 55 kilometers wide, and has a permanent population count of about 4,400 people. One can find the Kangaroo Island at the far end of South Australia. Additionally, 47 percent of its vegetation is natively original while 57 percent is under the protection of the National and Conservation Parks (Jack, 2005:8). Studies carried out by a number of researchers recorded that, the Kangaroo Island received many tourists in the year 2003, which amounted to 180,915 people (Brown, 2006:101). After doping some analysis, these researchers found out that 26 percent of those tourists were international visitors and that was expected to surpass 60 percent by the end of 2011 (Miller and Twining-Ward, 2005:207). This means that Kangaroo Island is indeed a tourist’s destination area, which does not only require a development plan, but also an implementation platform.
Upon giving the Kangaroo Island study a closer outlook, it emerged that kind of development found or seen in this area has come with a price. Pertinently, for it to look the way it does there must be concerted efforts from some stakeholders. As of today, the Kangaroo Island has an innovative program responsible for developing and monitoring the influence of tourism (Beeton, 2005:36). It is also responsible for ensuring sustainable tourism development in this island as currently the tourism industry is working towards setting measures responsible for maintaining a sustainable ecology. At Kangaroo Island, there ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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