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The writer of this essay describes kindness that he has pursued in life.The writer reckons it came from his father, as he always made sure he would take time out to have a chat with someone, share a joke and find out how their worries and situations…
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What I Believe In: Kindness
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What I Believe In: Kindness
Ever since I can remember, kindness has been a virtue that I have pursued. I reckon it came from my father, as he always made sure he would take time out to have a chat with someone, share a joke and find out how their worries and situations. He never passes a street kid without at least giving him/her some money to get food with a stern warning to stay away from drugs, and he always gives a lift to someone he knows when he passes by them on the road. In order to accommodate someone else in need, he goes out of his way. This, over time, has made him earn goodwill in the community, at work and church. I, therefore, sought to emulate him as people always speak his praises and his random acts of kindness always seem effortless.
A few weeks ago, I was working on an assignment, and because I had waited till the last minute, I rushed through it and forgot to save it on my laptop. Once again, because I was in a rush, I failed to notice that the laptop needed to be charged. Subsequently, just when I had completed, the laptop went off, and my work disappeared. I felt a sense of disarray and frustration so my roommate urged me to take a walk and I would feel better. As I was walking, I bought a packet of chips and decided to share them with a street kid I saw on the way. He muttered a word of gratitude and blessing. All of a sudden, I felt renewed and within no time, I was back in my room, laptop fully charged, and with energy to do the assignment properly. I simply cannot ever underrate the power of indiscriminate acts of kindness.
I believe in kindness because it is not just about giving out money or making donations; rather it is about seemingly little acts like saying a simple hello to a stranger. Little acts like this go a long way into filling a lonely soul with comfort and a hopeless one with encouragement. I always feel a sense of positive energy surge through me whenever I pass by someone along the corridors at school or on the streets at home and smile at them. This flow of affirmative energy, I believe is what gets me through a rough day. It keeps me motivated when I am tempted to give in and eliminates all forms of bad energy such as irritability. Read More
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What I Believe In: Kindness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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