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In her essay, ‘Who Am I?’ Merrill Markoe has explained her idea and usage of technology and computer that gave her immense pleasure and helped her improve her self-esteem. …
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Gender Gap in Cyberspace
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Extract of sample "Gender Gap in Cyberspace"

Part Read Merrill Markoe’s “Who Am I?” pp. 174-175 and “Gender Gap in Cyberspace” pp. 179-180. Compare and contrast the two views of technology and how they use it. Do you enjoy one writer more than the other, and why? How would you describe their styles, and do you have a preference?  
In her essay, ‘Who Am I?’ Merrill Markoe has explained her idea and usage of technology and computer that gave her immense pleasure and helped her improve her self-esteem. In her essay, she has stressed on how she received her share of happiness by taking different online quizzes which helped her to reveal her inner side of the personality. As compare to Deborah Tannen in her essay, Gender Gap in Cyberspace has expressed her way of using and benefiting from the usage of technology and more specifically, the use of computers and internet. In this essay Deborah Tannen has highlighted that difference in communication between males and females. She explains her experience that how she found out men being more interested in communicating through e-mails as compare to women who spend more of their time talking on phone. Both the essays clearly highlight the way the technology and its usage is perceived by the two genders and most specifically, how women react to technology.
I enjoyed reading Merrill Markoe experiences more than Deborah Tannen because of the fact that many women or many men, or both of them; spend a lot of time on internet taking different quizzes. One writer used the technology as a way to explore her inner side which I believe every person does it and the other writer explores the world of technology as a tool to communicate effectively with her male counterparts and to enhance her writing skills. I enjoyed reading Merrill Markoe writing as it reflected her personal experience which is experienced by many people around. Majority of people spend good amount of their time on internet either on social media networks or solving games or the quizzes.
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Deborah Tannen. Gender Gap in Cyberspace. Chapter 8; Comparing and Contrasting: Computers and Technology, p.p 1779-180
Merrill Markoe. Who Am I? p.p 174-175 Read More
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