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The author in the essay how he/she would like to travel back to the Great Depression. The Great Depression is such a huge part of history. It would be an amazing experience to witness firsthand what those living during The Great Depression actually had to go through.    …
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If I Could Travel Back to Any Point in History
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The Great Depression is named The Great Depression because things were going great economically and socially until black Tuesday. Once black Tuesday hit, the whole economic system crashed which then created a trickle effect on the social well being of those affected. America’s growth began to slow down and many were lucky to even have food to eat. There were also serious droughts that created what is known as the dust bowl. This made it hard to grow food which only added to the effects of The Great Depression.
Pictures can barely even describe the actual pain that many had to go through once they lost everything. It would be a great experience to actually be able to see firsthand what The Great Depression was actually like. What would be the most amazing is to see how many kept positive although going through such a bad time.   Read More
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