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Felix Trombe and Frank Gehry - Essay Example

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The aspect of interior designing that fascinates me the most is aesthetics. Felix Trombe and Frank Gehry have both placed special emphasis on aesthetics in their structures. Study of the design and architecture of the Solar Furnace and the Rasin Building means a lot to me as a young designer…
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Felix Trombe and Frank Gehry
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Extract of sample "Felix Trombe and Frank Gehry"

Interior designing: Since my childhood, I used to be inspired by the wonderful colors and beautiful shapes of everything in my surroundings. The same two factors attracted me towards the field of interior designing. Since then, I began to explore my interests and my sense of creativity. Then one day, something aroused inside me and drew my attention towards the styles and design patterns in a target symbol that was red in color. That was when I discovered what I had been searching for long. I had found the way that would lead me to the accomplishment of my plans.
As I explored my imagination, the black and white color that usually reflected in the screen in my mind began to catch colors. I questioned myself to learn my own desire about my future profession. That is exactly what the whole rule of art is about. At the age of fifteen, I got introduced to two of the most artistic people through television. One of them was the French Professor Felix Trombe who had constructed the Solar Furnace in 1949 and the other one was Professor Frank Gehry, the constructor of the famous Rasin Building.
The aspect of interior designing that fascinates me the most is aesthetics. Felix Trombe and Frank Gehry have both placed special emphasis on aesthetics in their structures. Study of the design and architecture of the Solar Furnace and the Rasin Building means a lot to me as a young designer. In their study, I intend to concentrate much upon purposefulness and beauty and not too much upon design or cost of materials. Usability and beauty are the two most significant characteristics of Felix Trombe’s Solar Furnace (4Offsets, 2008) whereas curvature and oddity are the most important features of Frank Gehry’s Rasin Building (, 2008). Aspects common between the two structures are curvature and glass exterior. The two structures have different usability and design. I would take more care of the purposefulness and innovation of the structure in my designing and would not use environment unfriendly materials in my design. Although at this point in time, I can not exactly tell how I would progress in my field of interior designing, though I intend to particularly focus on my present interests of designing aesthetically beautiful structures with an innovative look.
The wonderful combination of beauty and purposefulness of the Solar Furnace has touched my heart, and I am convinced that this should be the mood of the architecture in the 21st century. Readily finishing natural resources have become one of the world’s most serious issues in the contemporary age, and the enormity of solar energy that the Solar Furnace captures and generates is just too consistent with the need of the hour. On the other hand, the structure measures no less on the scale of beauty. It is a grand cupped mirror structure that stands in the midst of the ground and turns the whole world upside down in the reflection. This structure is for sure, one of the key reasons why I feel driven towards the field of architecture.
References: (2008). An Architectual Genius. Retrieved from
4Offsets. (2008). Solar Furnace Power. Retrieved from Read More
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