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This paper is a personal statement on the topic of Boston University. The author states that Boston University is famous both for being a prestigious university, host to world-class academics, and its diverse educational environment…
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Boston University
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 Boston University is famous both for being a prestigious university, host to world-class academics, and its diverse educational environment. BU is located in the heart of the city of Boston, at the heart of the history of Boston. It is an institution looking forward to the future but with firm foundations in the past. The contrast of history and environment makes the unique atmosphere of the school irresistible for someone like me who came from another country.
BU not only has convenient transportation and amazing campus near the Charles river, but otherwise makes it easy for a student new to the area and relatively new to the country to survive and prosper. Students can find jobs on campus and have the opportunity to take great internships, developing their professional and personal acumen and qualifications. BU also has top-ranking faculty, facilities, and departments. Its faculty are eager to explore, research and examine thematic subjects important to humanity, which ensures that every student will have decent education that benefits them for life.
Out of all the diverse subjects offered at BU, I am especially interested in the offerings in the field of Communication. The College of Communications' reputation precedes it, and consider acceptance there my primary goal, a place I have earned membership at through hard work and diligent enterprise. The College of Communication connects theory to practice so that students can understand and apply what they have learned. Communications alumni come back, giving speeches about their experience after graduating, discussing how their BU education helped them to gain advantage in the increasingly competitive and increasingly diverse globalized market, teaching and tutoring the next generation of Boston University students. This makes me feel that, if I am accepted at Boston University, I would be connected not just to teachers and students but to an instiution, a historical organization, a legacy stretching back through the centuries, a community of alumni who have succeeded in their studies and in their fields of study.
Being from another country, I am always astonished by the assumptions people make when they communicate with others. They assume that others speak their language, share their assumptions, know their micro-cultural slang, agree on the same definitions. What is astonishing is not how often communication fails, breaks down, but how rarely it does so, how communictation succeeds. I want to take the skills learned from a communications environment and apply them to a real world in which poor communications kills and good communication can end centuries-old feuds, coordinate scientific endeavors and rectify policy. Read More
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