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How to Reduce the Radiation Risk in CT Scan through Various Methods - Essay Example

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This essay considers some methods to reduce radiation of computed tomography scanning dose includes angular tube current modulation, longitudinal tube current modulation, angular-longitudinal tube current modulation, and Automatic exposure control (AEC)…
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How to Reduce the Radiation Risk in CT Scan through Various Methods
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Download file to see previous pages After attending classes at the university, I will get an opportunity of observing and practicing in CT scan at Perth Metropolitan Hospital.
Perhaps, the most important advance in diagnostic radiology over the years has been the use of CT. However, when as compared to conventional radiography, CT involves much higher doses. The widely prevalent practice of using CT as a screening technique even for minor complaints like a headache has added to the controversy.  Due to all these concerns, there is a pressing concern to incorporate various safety measures and techniques to avoid excess radiation dose from CT scanning. This is one of the reasons that I am composing this reflective journal, which would explore the methods to reduce radiation risk from CT scans.
It is a well-known fact that the CT equipment produces radiation doses that are higher than those of conventional x-ray types of equipment. Since the CT scan operator directly controls technical factors such as x-ray tube voltage, the tube current, and rotation time, which directly affect the radiation dose, the scan operator plays an important role in the whole process.
Radiation exposure (expressed in coulombs per kilogram) is defined as the total charge produced in dry air when all electrons liberated by photons in a unit mass of air are completely stopped in air. The absorbed dose, effective dose, and CT dose index (CTDI) are some of the measures, which are used to describe the radiation dose delivered by CT scanning. The absorbed dose is the energy absorbed per unit of mass and is measured in grays (Gy). One gray equals 1 joule of radiation energy absorbed per kilogram. The level of risk to an organ in the body from radiation is determined mainly by the organ dose (or distribution of dose in the organ). The effective dose is expressed in sieverts (Sv). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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