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Health Care - a Look into the Career Path of the Industry - Essay Example

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This essay "Health Care - a Look into the Career Path of the Industry" focuses on an evaluation of an Executive Assistant’s particular stint as an Executive Assistant in the Health Care industry and the problems that arise. Similarly, such knowledge shall look into the career path of the industry and the need to establish a certain equilibrium congruent to both the system and the provider…
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Health Care - a Look into the Career Path of the Industry
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Download file to see previous pages Upon consideration on the extent of his responsibilities, Chris has discovered that the ground rules of the medical service are its ability to provide such under a sincere and qualified personnel who is expected to extend its full support over the patient and his family. At the same time, such responsibilities extend and uphold the interest of the company that works in collaboration with other insurance companies. Costs of services are then considered to be in conjunction with a pre-approved limit that carries an effective balance of duties and responsibilities.
Similarly, certain conflicts arise when the balance is distorted and medical errors in the clinical institution attract a situation in stark comparison to the ethics and laws that the company stakeholders believed in while protecting their best interests. Conflict of laws certainly worked against the achievement of a certain purpose, especially where reduction results in decreased quality of service against a continuum of care provided for the patient. The question of, sacrificing and allowing cost to impede the quality of service provides as the main considerable conflict in the case.
Superficially, we can identify the surface conflict within the principles of business ethics that Chris is tasked to investigate and create certain essential components and probable solutions within the scope of his study. It is a proven fact that the highly technical gadgets in the health industry costs formed a considerable amount of money as an investment. Stakeholders expect to maintain appropriate cost control factors against an affordable health program commonly available for all. Yet, every labour force knows the hardships encountered just to maintain a scenario that best creates a win-win solution for the patient and family and the health provider. It is but difficult to consider such factors especially when cost drivers associate the prescription drugs cost, current medical; device, government mandates an litigation and risk management and the future of the health industry and its day-to-day operations.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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