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I am Perry Papadoupolis, a mature student currently studying for a degree in Business Management at Insert University. I wish to apply for the post of Trainee Marketing and Press Officer with your company, as I believe I have the skills and qualities required to carry out this role successfully…
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Formal letter to prospective employer
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Extract of sample "Formal letter to prospective employer"

Human Resources Periklis Papadoupolos Community Arts Plc. etc. etc. Greeting to be handwritten, I am Perry Papadoupolis, a mature student currently studying for a degree in Business Management at Insert University. I wish to apply for the post of Trainee Marketing and Press Officer with your company, as I believe I have the skills and qualities required to carry out this role successfully. The duties outlined in your Job Description offer me an opportunity both to utilise my skills gained on my course and in previous work experience, and to exapnd my field of expertises. I am interested in the research, design and promotion aspects, and in the chance to gain a further qualification. Because your company offers such a variety of responsibilities and is committed to developing its people, I would be happy to be part of such a team.

With regard to the essential skills, I have, as part of my course, researched, written and presented several pieces of work, using the computer systems named and these have been well received. In my work experience, I have been team manager and member in the area of building refurbishment and contracting. As manager, I drew up plans, work rotas, ordered materials, organised transport of goods and staff, site-managed, and met deadlines consistently. This required me to remain calm and flexible at all times. A situation arose which meant work could not continue on a project with seven days left for completion. Certain vital wood paneling had been delayed at the docks and to add to the problem, two workers were sick. I arranged for another transport company to collect and deliver the materials, altered the work loads for that day so that we could still continue to operate, and worked myself with my team. We managed to meet our deadline, as I consider no problem is insurmountable, so long as I take the time to review the situation as a whole, prioritise, and adapt to the current needs. Not to do so would be detrimental to any business.

I have many interests but mainly my hobbies are people, travel and scuba diving. Diving demands the ability to stay calm, be decisive and to always be aware of other team members and their safety. Those characteristics have assisted me in reaching the stage of advanced diver and I consider them to be an intrinsic part of my personality. I believe the attributes I possess are transferable to the role required in this post and would become an asset to your organisation.

Thank you for your time and attention in considering my application. I would be happy to visit you at any time convenient to you and look forward to your response.

Yours ('sincerely' if you have a name for the person, 'faithfully if it is Dear Sir or Madam)

Periklis Papadoupolos
Alternative Letter
Name etc.
Address etc Date etc.
Greeting, handwritten
Trainee Marketing and Press Officer

I am a mature student, about to finish my degree in Business Management at University and am very interested in applying for the above post. It offers exciting opportunities for me to put my learning into practice and to build on my past work experiences. The variety of tasks within the role appeals to me because I believe I have all the necessary skills and qualities required to do the job successfully and to become an asset to your organisation.

My previous experiences have, I believe, equipped me with the skills required and these are easily transferable. For example, during my study course, I have researched, designed and presented my work, using the computer systems stated. In my working life, I have been a team manager and member, working in the import export business and in the field of building contracting and refurbishment. There has been plenty of opportunity in those roles to put into practice the elements this post needs. For example, I have drawn up and presented plans and specifications, ordered materials, devised staffing systems, organised transportation of both staff and materials, and always met deadlines. I could not have done all these without a calm, sensible and flexible approach.

On one occasion, our wood paneling was stuck at the docks due to transporter breakdown, two workers were sick and we had seven days left to complete the job. I arranged for an alternative transporter, re-distributed the work for that day, helped to unload and store the materials and joined the team to ensure we could go on working without falling behind schedule. My approach is to stand back and take in the bigger picture, list the priorities, then adapt and take action, ensuring everybody is kept informed and involved. This to me, is good business sense and I have found that my personal strengths make it work successfully.

I enjoy travel and meeting people and my main hobby is scuba diving. Having reached the level of advanced diver, I have had to be calm, decisive and totally aware of other team members and their safety at all times. I also have to be a good communicator and very confident, as of course, life may depend on my being so. I am out-going and confident and have a good sense of humour and I feel I could put all these into practice to the benefit of Community Arts.

I thank you for taking the time to read my letter of application and I would like to call and arrange a time to meet that is convenient to you. I look forward to making contact sometime soon.

Yours etc. as per first letter

Periklis Papadopoulos Read More
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