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Reflection on the The Political Morality of Race Work - Essay Example

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The paper outlines the problem of racial prejudice. It is not new in our modern society nowadays or even long before time. Most of these prejudices are only based on overstated perceptions. Why need for a specific racial identification if all can just live harmoniously together…
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Reflection on the The Political Morality of Race Work
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Extract of sample "Reflection on the The Political Morality of Race Work"

Download file to see previous pages Having ‘racial label’ do shape the way people think of themselves. As stated with the same source, “what people can do depends on what concept they have available to them; and among the concepts that may shape one's action is the concept of a certain kind of person and the behavior appropriate to that kind”. Helping one person think he is inferior among others may add more insult to injury and this indeed will result in final self-breakdown. How devastating that would be! Culture and civilization also became an object in Kwame Anthony Appiah’s essay. These two has a function in further dividing individuals globally by racial differences. He defined culture as “the totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought”. There have been Orientals, Africans, and Chinese people that were to adopt a culture and civilization different from their traditional one such as that of Americans but still there the differences are noticeable. It is said that every race has its own common culture. Like black Americans have their own common culture on “values and beliefs and practices that they share and they do not share with others”, as stated in the essay. It is true that each nation and race has its own culture. This may lead to some racial gaps in our global society. Yet, it is not simply a hindrance in having a good relationship with them. Unless they wouldn’t do something terrorist act, what is wrong with dealing with them? All of us are both humans. We do need respect and equality. What is the United Nations for but to supposedly bring peace and equality globally? Why can’t other people bridge the differences and go on living life to the full together in accord? Civilization may play a great role in stereotyping minority race. However, it is not always good for some nations that view their race inferior to others. Countries that are well-developed economically were viewed by many as greater than anybody else. To mention some, the USA and Britain are viewed as masters of the land. They run the world market.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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