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Winning a Lottery - Essay Example

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Sudden wealth can bring nothing but unhappiness. The money has totally devastated my life and turned it into a living hell. Right now I am in a room in Pensacola, Florida. This room is 10x10. In my room there is a table, a chair, a bed, and an open window…
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Winning a Lottery
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Download file to see previous pages The article's headline says, "Artist Wins Million." Included a picture of your surrounded by your family and friends. Everyone in the picture was smiling. But, the reality is different. With the help of this letter, I want to tell you some negative effects of sudden wealth. But my message is very clear that sudden wealth can bring nothing but unhappiness. It may directly effect on your personality, relationships, and lifestyle.Winning a lottery will create a sense of isolationism and you will be separated from friends and family. This could happen if the winner like you relocated into a new setting; therefore, it will disconnect you from your friends and family. As, what, I have recently experienced in my life. You could furthermore appeal new family and associates who could be characterized as being 'false' as their concerns are in the cash and not in your friendship. For example, there have been normal situations of distant or estranged relations abruptly and unexpectantly seeming out of the azure when hearing of a family member's latest fortunes. Eventually the one-by-one may not be adept to differentiate their authentic associates from the 'false' ones. They may then isolate themselves from all of them or just accept the realization that some of their associates are only actually involved in what the victor can do for them and not the victor themselves.
Drastic change is abnormal and thus the one-by-one may not be adept ...
There may furthermore be too much force on the individual. There are family constituents, associates as well as economic advisors, all of who have inconsistent and vying interests. This can lead to stress and tension as well as a lesson dilemma for the one-by-one as a outcome of them having to conclude between who they should hear to and take recommendations from. This could finally manifest itself into a pattern of guilt and hostility in the direction of these persons and loved ones. For this cause, the lottery can conceive an painful position for you and you may not have had to make such significant conclusions and choices. This could conceive an unhealthy and dejected state of brain for you that could finally lead to contradictory tendency.
However, I would like to state that it is not triumphant the lottery that directs to persons committing suicide, but diverse socio-economic components and variables that are the genuine determinants of suicide. For example, if or not the one-by-one was struck as a progeny or if he/she came from a lone parent family are significant components that should be taken into account as they play a key function in forming a person's mind. The one-by-one could furthermore have been psychologically unstable in the first place. Therefore suicide can not be verified to be exactly associated to triumphant the lottery as the person's psychological state of brain before triumphant is a key determinant.
All in all, lottery winning will create troubles in your coming life. And you could be more irresponsible and unnecessary with your money than you must be. In the long run, the amount that you have won could be enormously ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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