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Children's Literature - Essay Example

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The paper "Children's Literature" aims at a good list of books for young readers including such books as "Anna’s Corn" by Barbara Santucci, "Annie and The Old One" by Miska Miles, "Pearl's Marigolds for Grandpa" by Zalben, Jane Breskin, "Proverbs for Children" by Maureen Salve and some others, and their brief descriptions…
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Childrens Literature
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Extract of sample "Children's Literature"

Download file to see previous pages This beautifully written and illustrated little story "Anna’s Corn" by Barbara Santucci reads like a parable. Anna has a decision to make about holding on, letting go, and going on. Helpful for generating discussion with children about how to mourn a loss and commemorate in life-affirming ways.
Grade Level using Fry Readability Graph: I randomly selected three 100- word passages from this book and I plotted the average number of syllables and the average number of sentences per 100 words on the graph. Then, I chose additional two 100-word passages and plotted it as well. I started counting 100 words from the beginning of the sentence and I counted the proper nouns only.
Reason for Selection: This book educates children about the value of God-given talents and skills which they will need to nurture develop and share. Aside from this, the involvement of the parents and relatives with honing and teaching skills to children is important.
Summary: A very old Navajo grandmother believes it is time her 10-year-old granddaughter, Annie, learns to weave. Gathering her family in the hogan, she asks each of them to choose a gift they wish to have (Annie's eyes choose the weaving stick) as she announces to her family that when the weaving of the new rug is completed, she will go to Mother Earth. The death of the grandmother happened right after Annie learned how to weave through her grandmother's patience and perseverance.
Title: Pearl's Marigolds for Grandpa
Author: Zalben, Jane Breskin
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: 1997
Interest Level: Grade 1
Grade Level using Fry Readability Graph: I randomly selected three 100- word passages from this book and I plotted the average number of syllables and the average number of sentences per 100 words on the graph. Then, I chose additional two 100-word passages and plotted it as well. I started counting 100 words from the beginning of the sentence and I counted the proper nouns only.
The average number of sentences per 100 words is 11.1 with the average number of syllables per 100 words as 120. This book is suitable for age 6 years old.
Reason for Selection: This book deals with burial traditions how each culture has their own way of mourning and burial methods. The children will also learn that when a loved one leaves the earth, they will never be forgotten and will always be loved.
Topic/Theme: Abandonment, Adolescence, Body Self-Image, Caregivers, Children, Disability, Family Relationships
Summary: The story begins when Pearl comes home from school one day and learns from her mother that her grandfather has died. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Children'S Literature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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