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Solution to Campus Rapes across the US - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Public policy proposal on Solutions to campus rapes across the United States Executive summary Campus rape is defined as the act of having forceful sex with a student while attending an institution of higher learning such as a college or university…
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Solution to Campus Rapes across the US
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Download file to see previous pages Solving campus rapes and sexual abuse has been one of the most difficult tasks due lack of evidence beyond reasonable doubts as most of the evidence presented are always scenarios of one’s word against those of the other. This policy papers seeks to establish the possible solutions available to address the college rape menace within legal boundaries and how to provide lasting solutions to the college administrations. In doing this, this proposal will highlight some of the empirical evidence available on college rapes and how the available solutions have failed to correct the anomaly. Introduction This is a policy paper that seeks to highlight some of the steps that should be taken to help eliminate the escalating levels of college rapes and sexual abuses. In describing the way forward, this paper will highlight some of the statistical data available on college rapes and how the vice has escalated in our universities. The weaknesses of the available laws and administrative agendas in mitigating this vice will also be highlighted to enables readers understand the magnitude of the vice. Finally, the paper will provide the solutions that should be adopted to help mitigate the vice and increase the safety of the students within our campuses. According to the analysis of campus rape and sexual assault report of 2011, of all the rapes reported in the states of Massachusetts, 4% occurred within colleges and campus residential areas. Out of this total, 74% were females who were sexually victimized in campus and their males colleagues accounted for over 99% of the perpetrators. A large percentage of the victims were white students followed distantly by blacks and the Hispanic Americans (Elizabeth 34). This demonstrates the level of the vice in our institutions and how the college administrations have been unable to adequately address the menace. Psychologist however points to another avenue of concern in trying to develop a lasting solution to this vice in our institution. According to this report, the victim and the offender have been shown to be either close friends, acquaintances, or strangely enough, boyfriends/girlfriends (Tolman 231). Most of these incidences, as the data indicates occur during the weekends and especially during the midnight hours towards dawn. Of all the rapes, 81% occurred in the college dormitories or students’ official residences, followed by out of campus houses or apartments at 9% and finally the fraternity at 4%. Weapons and force are used to carry out these activities and this was demonstrated in report which indicated that 60% of the rapes that were reported occurred as a result of the use of force or a weapon to intimidate the victim (Christopher 64). Campuses and colleges should be a safe ground for our children and relatives to pursue higher education upon which their future success is pegged. The environment that encourages and fruitful interaction of students should be devoid of any form of threat to the students either from outside or from within the institution. Rape has been shown by a number of psychological reports as one of the major causes of suicide, depression and low morale among the youths. Rape victims find it hard to forgive themselves for what happened to on that fateful night or day and this affects their studies and concentrations. Most rapes also occur in the absence of any form of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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