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The author is interested in what he wants to be when he grows up. The researcher states that most people have set different goals to achieve in future, as they aim at changing different parts of their life, and avoid remaining at the same level…
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Choosing a Career as a Vital Decision in Life
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 “What I want to be when I grow up”
Most people have set different goals to achieve in future, as they aim at changing different parts of their life, and avoid remaining at the same level. One of the most important aspects of the life of an individual is career and career life. Therefore, choosing a career is a vital decision as this will influence their lives in a major way. People who make good career choices always experience satisfaction in their jobs, and they are much happier, compared to those people who make wrong career choices. My future greatly depends on my career choice. However, like every other person, my career choice depends on a number of factors. Nonetheless, since I chose to study Accounting, it is clear that my career will be in this field. I specifically would like to become an auditor in future after completing my degree course.
I consider my personal and academic interests important, as these determine the
nature of the person I become, and the goals I will pursue. One of my greatest personal interests is reading. My love for reading has grown since my early years of school. This has made me to be knowledgeable and informed in different areas. In addition, I have a great interest in traveling. Traveling different areas of the world helps me to explore the world around me, and learn new things in the foreign places. With regard to academics, I like doing auditing and consider it my passion. I also like the finance class that I take, and because of this interest in finance, I plan to pursue a finance course after completing my accounting degree.
One of my greatest strengths in academics is the fact that I am good with numbers. I have mathematical skills, therefore, I am able to tackle various mathematical problems in accounting. On the other hand, my greatest weakness in academics is the fact that I am not a native speaker. This, therefore, limits me in different ways, as I have not grasped all the vocabularies. Additionally, among all majors, this issue affects me more in accounting. My greatest personal strength is fast adapting and learning trait. I learn new concepts quite easily and adapt to new environment easily as well.
I want to become a better person each day. I aim at improving myself personally to become better than who I was in the past. This includes both personal development and my relationships with other people. In my academics, I have the goal of completing my studies and graduating from PSU successfully. Additionally, I aim at ensuring that I gather important academic knowledge in my field of study so that I can apply this in my career, and be successful and effective in my job.
I have never been employed before. However, last summer, I undertook an internship in some accounting firm, and I am looking forward to working with the same firm this summer. It is important to me, as this experience helps me to put my theoretical knowledge into practice. This is also a way, which I consider prepares me for my future career. Nonetheless, my academic, life and personal experiences are complimentary, and they have contributed to my interest in accounting.
In the field of Accounting, there are quite a number of jobs, which an accounting student might qualify for. One might become an auditor, underwriter, loan officer investigator, management accountant, or financial representative, among other positions. Among these, I would like to become an auditor as I have a passion for auditing, and I am skilled at handling mathematical problems, which I consider important in this sphere. My main career goal is to acquire enough expertise in my job in order to become more productive. I will also aim at promotions and for a salary increase, through being productive and dedicated to my job. Most importantly, I aim at balancing my career life with social and family life. Therefore, if I have a family in future, I will dedicate part of my time to it.
I consider it important that my personal and academic interests, strengths, and weaknesses are connected to my career aspirations. My desired future job is being an auditor. This job requires dedication, and this makes me fit for this, as I am a person, who is dedicated to whatever project I engage in. In addition, I am a fast learner, and I believe this is important in auditing. Furthermore, my personal interest in traveling helps me meet different people and explore their ways of life. I might be required to audit different companies, meaning I will meet various people in different positions. Therefore, traveling and socializing has helped me to develop communication skills, which are important to an auditor. Above all, my passion for auditing and mathematical skills make me the best suit for this kind of job. These are some of the reasons, which also make auditing to be my perfect job.
In future, as an auditor, I will perform all the responsibilities of an auditor. These include analyzing the internal control system of a company, examining variances in company transactions, and improving financial reporting, among other roles of an auditor. However, I will not engage in unacceptable and unethical actions in my job. Since my job deals with sensitive information about a company, I will maintain privacy and confidentiality of the company information, by not divulging the information to an outside party. In addition, I will not prejudice my audit, even when I am offered gifts or face manipulation. I will strive to maintain integrity. Finally, I will not include a false statement in my audits, as these might destroy the reputation of the audited company. Therefore, I will ensure an ethical practice, which will bring credit to my company, the auditing profession, and myself. I believe in myself, I am a hardworking and dedicated person. Although the road to my desired career might not be smooth, I will put in more efforts and strive to overcome the challenges and obstacles in my way. Read More
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gloria55 added comment 1 year ago
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Best Personal Essay I have ever seen. Great combination of deep understanding of the life goals along with planning how to achieve them.
kianagerlach added comment 1 year ago
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I think that all the sarcastic comments about this paper indicate that most of the people are afraid to think about their career strategy and, thus, about their responsibilities for their choices. I see somewhat disturbing trend shared by my peers. Most of them believe that it’s ok to procrastinate the vital career decisions. They say that they are not career-oriented people, the romanticize unemployment calling themselves freelancers, but most of them cannot even pay the bills. I think that it’s important to accept the fact that to have a ‘boring’ profession is ok. We all wanted to become astronauts, actors, inventors or Nobel laureates, but ended up as clerks. And it’s ok! Why couldn't a person want to become an accountant?  
starkteagan added comment 1 year ago
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As a child, the author loved reading the most. Now - doing a degree course on the audit. Everything you need to know about an adult life.
akris added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as
I’m doing my Ph.D., and the question is still relevant for me
vfunk added comment 1 year ago
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What kind of a person can assign such essay to an undergraduate student? I’ve written suchlike in 5th grade.
zhettinger added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as
It looks like the author's mom wrote the essay
jaydelegros added comment 1 year ago
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God I’m 25 and still no clue what I want to be when I grow up
legrospansy added comment 1 year ago
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The title promised so much fun, but the author ends up with an accounting.
zhahn added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as
This paper perfectly corresponds with all the requirements for essays of this kind. Sure, such topic concerns personal experience and the text differs from a student to student, but this is a nice example of answering a question like that.

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