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Mutiple topics - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Subject: Admission/Application Essay, Creative writing Date: Topic: Multiple topics Drama Club and love for the stage: To act in a drama is to find life within life. You stand apart from your real personality and enter into the body and mind of another individual…
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Mutiple topics
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Download file to see previous pages In the drama the winning candidate had beaten me with a thumping margin, and I got just 175 votes against my opponent who secured 3500 votes. When results were declared, both the winning and defeated candidates were interviewed by the reporters from the television channels. When my reaction was sought, I replied dramatically, “I lost because there are only 175 intelligent people in my constituency”! That was adjudged as the finest dialogue of the drama. At the end of the drama, the losing candidates were felicitated and I was adjudged as the best losing candidate. Our practice sessions were more enjoyable than the stage performances. The camaraderie amongst the actors, the jokes, the arguments and counterarguments were most amusing and after the stage performance when the people congratulated us, those were the glorious moments of our lives. The experience of theatre arts was both educative and exciting. It developed my poise, social and communication skills. The participants in the troupe were like family members. Idea Pitcher for costume designing: Costumes play an important role in the success of a drama. The dress of an actor is as important as his talents. The costumes, the dress sense of a great actor are emulated by the general public, especially the younger generation. In our drama club, I was invariably consulted about the costume aspect of each and every actor. By looking at the dress of the actors, the audience judges as to what sort of drama it was going to be. The director of our drama club had the novel approach to decide about the type of dress for actors. He gave the script of the drama to two-three individuals, and I was one of them. By going through the plot, we judged the mood of the character and decided about the costumes. My suggestions for costumes were mostly accepted. Our dedicated and talented tailor did the rest to bring life into our designs. The finger painting event for the orphans: I organized a finger painting event for the orphans. I say orphans, and yet I am wrong. In this beautiful world whose absolute owner is the Lord, none is an orphan! He protects all and makes someone the instrument to carry out such acts of philanthropy. I am also a puppet in his hands, and by secular considerations we organized this event to help those children whose parents were snatched away by destiny. Finger painting is such an art that gives total freedom to the children to what they like with the colors. The rules of the game are highly flexible as per the temperament of the children. No brush is provided and they dip their fingers in fingerprint pots that are available in the market in various colors, and children are free to do the blend of the colors of their choice. Strange figures arrive on the paper, canvas as children make progress in their paintings. Plain sheets or sheets of newspapers are spread on the floor and for this competition, we provided the children with shiny white papers. We provided an apron to each of the child participating in the fingerprint competition as this was a fun game that often turned messy. By using the fingers, dipped in various colors, shape the desired form in painting. At times, the form may turn out to be undesired one. Does not matter, go ahead! This event was organized in the city’s Metropolitan Park, and a large number of people, parents and the relatives of children, well-wishers, industrialists who were patrons who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Mutiple Topics Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Mutiple Topics Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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