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This personal narrative essay will describe the beginning of summer holidays making the long journey mentioning all aspects of tat summer right to the lust day of those school holidays. The day began perfectly as I had anticipated…
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School holidays
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Personal Narrative The day began perfectly as I had anticipated. It was a Sunday morning, and as usual, I prepared to go to church with my best friend Ken for the first Mass, which we liked because it was less crowded. In order to attend the first Mass, an individual has to be out of bed as early as a quarter to six, in the morning. The first mass usually begins at exactly eight o’clock, and Father Franco is never known to be late for Mass. It was not easy for most of our peers to attend the first Mass because it cut in on their precious holiday sleep, which was a privilege that not many cared to forfeit just to attend the first Mass. Ken and I had different motivators that saw us opt it. During the school holiday, we had a favorite Sunday afternoon activity that involved going swimming at the local sports club where we had the opportunity to interact and socialize with young girls whom we fancied. Getting to the swimming pool early was the best strategy of eliminating competition and getting the best poolside sunbathing spots close to the girls. Additionally, visiting the swimming pool earlier meant that we could not be locked out when the gate is closed to prevent more people from coming in since it had a limited capacity. We lived in a community where skipping church attendance was a taboo because we lived in an extremely strict Catholic society. Everyone had to attend church on Sunday morning before attending to any other activity unless a person was bedridden or incapacitated by a life-threatening situation. Our peers, who preferred attending the second Mass at ten o’clock, had to contend with the possibility of being locked out of the pool area, and miss the opportunity of acquiring a date for the back to school party. Everything we all deed was meant to dazzle and leave peers of the opposite sex awed and yearning for more. We dressed in what we considered our best attires and pulled crazy and exhilarating dancing moves, on the dance floor, risking a twisted ankle or a broken neck in the process. On this particular Sunday, I had my eyes set on a girl who had been my neighbor for a long time, but for all those years, I had only managed to say a few hellos and one handshake, which I cherished for a whole year. With my friends’ help, I managed to make my first move, and the rest was history because it was apparent she has been expecting this to happen. I am saying this because after that day, we were always in each other’s company, and it was surprising that we had many outdoor interests that we shared in common. We both liked hiking, and one day while walking along the river bank, I even taught her how to fish trout that were usually in plenty during the hot summer months. We also attended movies together. There is even a day she invited me to her church, which according to her, is not a church, but a synagogue. This is where I learnt a lot about Jews’ belief and culture. I counted on myself as a truly lucky person to have a girlfriend who belonged to the tribe of Jesus Christ, and since then, I felt myself being superior to my friends since I thought this brought me closer to God than them. The school holiday was approaching its end and preparations for the back to school party began in earnest with every high school students in the neighborhood gearing up for the event. Boys and girls accessed their piggy banks to collect money for buying the best outfits and accessories. Dates were confirmed, and proposals meted out in all manner of ingenious ways to guarantee companionship during that special occasion. I was glad that my best friend Ken had a date with his usual girlfriend of two years, and I suspected that they would end up getting married in the future. On the perfect Sunday morning, Ken and I do not usually attend the church in order to prepare for this special event. However, this Sunday’s event was so unique because it was the last one I was attending together with Ken. Ken was moving with his family to the South coast. However, at around 1 p.m., just some few hours to leave for the party, I began experiencing sharp pain in the lower right hand side of my abdomen, which got worse minute by minute. After about an hour, I was writhing in a serious pain, which no painkiller or concoction thought about by my grandmother could ease. I cannot exactly recall what happened afterwards since I awoke the next day in a hospital bed with a weird pain in my abdomen. There was also a bandage taped onto my lower abdomen. When the nurse arrived in my hospital room, she told me that I had been diagnosed with appendicitis, and they had to perform surgery to remove the bust organ. In spite of my improved health condition, I regretted having missed the event I had eagerly waited for. Reference Humboldt, A. V. (2009). Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America, During the Year 1799-1804. Reprint Edition. BiblioLife. Read More
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