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Life experience that influenced my self-esteemation - Essay Example

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Learning experiences are events that occur in almost any event and at any moment, leaving it to the discretion of the parties involved to learn from them. I have been a person grappling with self-esteem issues since I knew myself, and coming to terms with my personality has always been a challenge. …
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Life experience that influenced my self-esteemation
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Download file to see previous pages Friends are known to have the power to change one’s perception towards him or herself through the manner in which they treat a person. In this light, jealousy would be the best word to describe the state my friends put me in by being polite at numerous instances while I, on the other hand, remained strong at few moments only. As a result, this made me the underdog amongst all my friends, meaning that of them all, I was the most disadvantaged, thus, was obviously picked at for this reason.
Oftentimes, friends work as a yardstick against which one evaluates him or herself in relation to success and self-worth. The manner in which they treated me was only to their own benefit, which ruined my sense of self-worth all the more. These treatments make people face difficulties in socializing with others due to lack of confidence in actions to the point of missing out some crucial stages of life. In this case, in order to overcome the whole ordeal of diminished self-esteem, success was the key and this experience taught me that friends would only treat an individual in the way he or she allows them. The experience of beating my friends at their own game in a music competition was the deal breaker, where my friends and I had formed a band to compete in a local town event, where we had to outperform other local bands. In an attempt to put the blame on me in case we lost, or so I perceived, I was put on the lead guitar in spite of my lack of proficiency in the task at hand. The band went on stage to the joy of the crowd, and the performance began with all the electric guitars playing to tune, mine included. The crowd was overjoyed with the performance and the band at large due to the coordination of music making. Off the stage, my friends/band mates were surprised at how well I had performed making them embarrassed at their behavior towards me and the flop in their plan. My friends shared in the achievement though half-heartedly and congratulated me in disbelief of my splendid performance. Drawing from this experience, I discovered the potential I held inside to make myself a better person, and for my own development. This success acted as a massive confidence boost, from which I quit playing a secondary role to my friends and saved me from the burden of handling all the cold and mocking attitudes coming from my “friends.” In addition, it proved to them that I could do even beyond that which I had thought to the surprise of everyone, including myself. This experience was significant in my life, in relation to making choices from the subsequent events after the music competition. This is because it molded my attitude to be that of winning and doing better by heightening my sense of self-worth. This stemmed from the positive thoughts and feelings that I felt towards myself, which rescued me from a state of self-pity. From then on, I chose my thoughts carefully to suit a positive life attitude and positive practices to match it. In addition, I have learnt to choose my friends wisely based on their treatment of their prior friends, rather than being an experimental friend to be shoved all over the place for their own pleasure. Furthermore, I have learnt the truth about friendship and its aspects in relation to staying true to yourself but not attempting to fit in order to gain recognition. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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