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A Helpful Hybrid in Search of Integrity - Essay Example

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The article, “Business Ethics: A Helpful Hybrid in Search of Integrity” written by Edmund F. Byrne (2002), is a scholarly source. This is so primarily because it has been published in a peer-reviewed journal, which is listed in Ulrich’s Periodical Directory (“Distinguishing Scholarly Journals from Other Periodicals,” 2011). …
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A Helpful Hybrid in Search of Integrity
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Extract of sample "A Helpful Hybrid in Search of Integrity"

Download file to see previous pages Also, there is an abstract, a “descriptive summary,” at the beginning of this article that has an overall “sober look” – characteristics that define a scholarly work (ibid., 2011). There is proper in-text referencing and also a comprehensive bibliography at the end of this article, which again is an indication that this is a scholarly resource (ibid., 2011). In the first page itself, there is a description about “the affiliations” of the author, which suggests that this article is written by a scholar “who has done research in the field (ibid., 2011). The language of the article is also highly specific to the area of research, which demands certain level of background information from the reader so as to understand it properly. This is yet another indication of it being a scholarly resource. In the review of the previous literature section, this article has reported original past works in the field and has also carried out certain original analysis of the topic. The article published by The Economist (2011) and titled “Business: The View from the Top, And Bottom; Corporate Culture,” is not a scholarly resource and the source it was published in can be described only as a “substantive news and general interest” periodical as is classified by the Cornell University website (ibid., 2011). This article is classified so owing to many reasons, they being: 1) there is no abstract; 2) this article is not peer-reviewed; 3) it is not published by any academic publisher; 4) it has no proper referencing and citation; 5) it is not written by a scholar having done background studies on the topic; 6) it is not the outcome of any original research but is only quoting randomly from a recently done research study (ibid., 2011). There is not even an author to this article and it is evident that it is just a quick summary, in the form of news, of a research work carried out elsewhere. The language of this article is meant to address laymen rather than those who have some background information on the topic. The article titled “A Toy Maker’s Conscience” and authored by Jonathan Dee (2007) is not a scholarly resource either. It has been published in a “substantive news and general interest” periodical such as New York Times (ibid., 2011). A journalist employed by the periodical has written the article and there is no information given on what past research experience on the topic the author has. The very format of this essay does not comply with research writing as there is no abstract given, and there is neither citation of past research work on the topic nor original experimentation or analysis carried out on the topic apart from some personal observations and comments. This article is not peer-reviewed (“Evaluating Sources,” 2009). The language of the article is meant for light reading and there is nothing serious or scholarly about this article. The interview taken and included in this article does not follow the research interview format and the analysis and conclusions made form these interviews do not follow any research methodology. The photograph and advertisements included in the designing of the page in which the article is displayed also suggest that this is not a scholarly resource (“Distinguishing Scholarly Journals from Other Periodicals,” 2011). The article entitled “75 Years of Lessons Learned: Chief Executive Officer Values and Corporate Social Responsibility” and authored by Carol-Ann Tetrault Sirsly (2009), which was published in the Journal of Management History, is a scholarly resource because it is peer-reviewed (ibid., 2011). The Journal of Management History, in which it is published, is a peer-reviewed journal and is listed ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(A Helpful Hybrid in Search of Integrity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
“A Helpful Hybrid in Search of Integrity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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