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Proposal: Adding a new administrative assistant postition for the security division - Essay Example

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RESEARCH PROPOSAL Topic: Name: Institution: Professor: Date due Title: Adding a new administrative assistant position for the security division of Tec Firm. Proposal synopsis The proposal involves hiring of an additional administrative assistant to assist in the administrate issues…
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Proposal: Adding a new administrative assistant postition for the security division
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Download file to see previous pages It has recently expanded its base of service delivery to include areas like Tec, Hoja and kazuri. This expansion is in strategic intent of expanding its service delivery to accommodate diverse regions of the county. It has, however, few administrative staff therefore straining the current two administered personnel. Furthermore, as a result of understaffing, there is an increase in insecurity in the area with the criminals getting away with it. Due to lack of personnel to plan, coordinate, mobilize and ensure that resources have been utilized to meet their objectives while satisfying their clients who are the public. Due to understaffing that has resulted in poor quality service to the public, it has recently received public criticism and ridicule due to an alarming increase in cases in the X County. This therefore, has facilitated the need to hire an additional administrative assistant who will coordinate all the administrative issues. Aims of the proposal The main aim of the research proposal is to reduce the burden of straining of the current understaffed administrative personnel and increase the quality of service delivery to the public. It is also noted that the proposal will assist restore confidence in the X security company thus creating a better public image thus improving the chemistry. Objectives of additional administrative assistant proposal The additional of an administrative assistant research proposal aims to: i. Evaluate the security situations in the X County and the contribution of the Tec firm. ii. Identify black spots or high intensity area where security is highly polarized iii. Identify and evaluate the nature of criminals and develop the countermeasure tactic on how to deal with them. iv. Identify the best practices that competitors have and what they have to imitate and perfect practices that can help improve the underlying security situation. Benefits The research has both tangible and intangible benefits such as improving the service delivery for the community, improve the peace and stability for the region and allow other socioeconomic activity activities to happen uninterrupted. It will also enable the community to have better relationship with Tec firm. Outcomes After the research has been carried, it main outcomes will be able to: i. Develop an understanding and thorough comprehension of the security conditions surrounding the X county and other regions surrounding it. ii. Employing the services of the administrative assistant hired to exploit the resources and other logistics that involve planning, implementation and control, with an aim of improving the security climate in the region. iii. Identify and assess the level of destruction carried out, the manner of attack and how mitigation measures can be installed. In particular to achieving this specific outcomes, the form intent i. Refine and revise its current strategies highlighting its major weakness and suggest ways in which the structures can be improved in respect to taming the criminals ii. Revise its legal structure and change to adapt the changing needs, interest and wishes of both the victims and the culprits. iii. It will segment the type of criminals- highlighting g their geographical, behavioral, psychographic and personality. Plan of action The approach in this proposal will majorly involve the significance of reliable information top the decision making by the management. This implies that caution will be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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