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Engagement of Students in the learning process - Essay Example

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Abstract Student’s achievement is a key goal and objective of all educational institutions. There are several internal and external factors that influence student achievement. The paper explores the topic from different angles and using accredited scholarly journals…
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Engagement of Students in the learning process
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Download file to see previous pages The research concludes that all these factors play a major role in determining a student’s achievement in school. Introduction All educational institutions have the aim of promoting students achievement. There are different factors that positively or negatively affect the achievement of students. These factors can be either, social, economic, environmental or political. In students’ achievement, different individuals have to pull forces to ensure that there is success in the process. These individuals include, teachers, parents and students. This paper analyses the positive effects of different factors that affect students’ achievement. A student’s achievement is influenced by several factors such as class size, family, motivation, teacher’s attitudes, a school’s culture and gender and therefore teachers should put these factors into perspective when teaching. Individual factors that affect students’ achievement Engagement of Students in the learning process Gross (2009) states that engagement of students in the process of learning is vital in ensuring achievement. Students can engage in the learning process through submission of assignments and agreeing to teachers instructions. Another form of students’ engagement in the learning process can be seen through class attendance. A teacher acts as a guide towards students’ engagement in class. ...
Teachers who ensure effective engagement of the students experience less problems in managing their classes. Students’ interests can be boosted through application of different resources that interest students (Gross, 2009). Role of motivation to students’ achievement Motivation of students has always led to high achievement among learners. There are two major types of motivation that help to promote achievement in students. These are extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation mainly involves a student’s drive or desire towards learning. Intrinsic motivation helps a student in defining the importance of achieving highly academically. This type of motivation mainly depends on a student’s goal. There are those students who work hard in their schoolwork with an aim of having a good career in future. The students will therefore put efforts towards achievement of this goal. Another type of motivation is the extrinsic motivation. This type of motivation comes from the external environment of the learners. Individuals who promote this type of motivation can be teachers, parents and other students. A teacher can promote extrinsic motivation in a learner by constantly reinforcing good character. Reinforcement can be done through offering incentives like sweets, books or pens (Gross, 2009). A teacher can motivate students who perform well by offering them gifts to ensure that they maintain their performance. Poor performers on the other hand, can be encouraged to perform well by constantly complementing them whenever they make an improvement. Teachers’ effectiveness towards students’ achievement Students’ performance can be used to assess teachers’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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