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Pleasures and Perils in the US Marshals Service - Essay Example

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Pleasures and Perils in the U.S. Marshals Service Author Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Federal law enforcement, is a risky occupation, yet related agencies do not show reports of man shortage. In fact, many are still trying their luck into the US Marshals Service despite distressing news of disreputable acts and casualties…
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Pleasures and Perils in the US Marshals Service
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Download file to see previous pages Online data and statistics are utilized to justify the points stated. Pleasures and Perils in the US Marshals Service The pursuit of a career is not easy; nor is its continuance. In most cases, years of education and some amount of rigorous training will have to be completed before anyone can get a hold of the title desired. Certain positions may even necessitate a passing grade in civil examinations or landing ahead of the class. Moreover, while there is no profession that is entirely hazard-free, many pose a risk to life and present links to a range of adversities that will take real dedication to cope with. The life of a federal law enforcer, particularly a United States Marshal, is a clear depiction of a career that is both hard-earned and gruellingly preserved. Being the enforcement arm of the United States federal courts, the duties of these officers typically involves protection of judicial officers, transport of prisoners, handing out arrest warrants, and apprehending law offenders. According to John Gibbons, US Marshal for Massachusetts, the marshal’s service weighs many issues when moving prisoners and regularly changes travel routes based on factors such as weather, threat levels, traffic patterns or other significant events that may be happening in the area (Ring, 2011). In other words, blunders, accidents, and natural disasters are among the perils marshals come face to face with on a regular basis, and are not to be taken too lightly. On the worst scenario, casualties are probable. U.S. Marshals Director Stacia A. Hylton said in a statement, "our deputies and law enforcement partners face danger every day in the pursuit of justice for the citizens of this great nation. Our people and our partners are well-trained and prepared, but it is impossible to predict when a wanted individual will make a fateful choice that results in the loss of life or injury”.  A statistic imparted by the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP) reveals that for the year 2011 alone, line of duty deaths totalled to 117, with gunfire as the most recurrent culprit (See Figure 1.0 for a more detailed presentation). An even appalling fact is that, the number is a 7 percent increase from last year; and we are just on the 8th month. Officers of the federal law enforcement agency are usually the last targeted for national budget cuts, and the rationale behind this is apparent. Unfortunately, they are also beginning to feel the impact of economic downturn. As per the ABC world news released on January 2009, a report by Thomas, Date and Cook, 27 percent of departments have implemented a hiring freeze for police officers, 12 percent are considering layoffs or forced retirements, 49 percent have reduced or eliminated funding for technology updates, and 61 percent have cut overtime, which is often used to boost police presence in high crime areas. At present, the USMS is not hiring, and the date for the next recruiting process is still unidentified. While the USMS, and other law enforcement agencies should be expected to sign up more candidates owing to the increasing crime rates, there is not enough resources to sustain the costs entailed. However, many are still eyeing for a place in the US Marshals Service as indicated by applications received by United States US Marshal district offices. This paper will closely examine all basic information related ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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