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  The writer of this essay considers the situation when on an ordinary Friday his fourth-grade teacher booked a trip to our local library. There he touched upon the tip of the world of books and learned the words above that have been embedded in his memory for this long…
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My Library Card to the Rest of the World
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Download file to see previous pages It always seemed laborious and too time-consuming. Books were there only to decorate empty shelves and take up room in our lockers. This changed when on an ordinary Friday my fourth-grade teacher booked a trip to our local library. There I touched upon the tip of the world of books and learned the words above that have been embedded in my memory for this long. It was just like any other Friday, on a beautiful spring day. After lunch, the entire class was to gather all of their belongings and walk down to the local library with our teacher leading the way. Of course being kids and out in the open we joked and wrestled each other most of the way trying fruitlessly to stay clear of the teacher’s stern gaze. After a short 20 minute walk, we walked into the library, a small, brown and brick, single level building tucked away on a street corner surrounded by lots of trees. We were greeted by a gentle looking, elderly librarian. She ushered us all inside and led us to a quiet corner where we had to be seated on low, colorful benches and chairs designed for younger kids. Although we had to go down to our school library many times, it was the first time that I was actually sitting inside this one. It was serenely quiet with only a few other people scattered about here and there browsing through the shelves. Beautiful tall, green plants graced practically every corner, giving the library a more earthy and natural feel. The building itself was quite unimpressive but there was just something about that library that really struck me and pulled me inside. To this day I can’t pinpoint the exact thing. I guess it was a combination of many subtleties; the soft hum of the photocopy machine, the swish of the plants as stragglers brushed against them, the smell of old and new books mingled together on the tall, wooden shelves, and the yielding softness of the carpet beneath my dirty sneakers. The place held me down and rendered my brain quiet and peaceful. The librarian after having seated our class, stood tall and graceful next to our teacher who was sitting awkwardly in the front on a small stool in hopes of keeping an eye on all of us. She proceeded to explain the basics of library conduct and the process of applying for a library card. We were all given small forms and instructed on how to fill them out properly. Pencils scratched the rough, wooden tables as we excitedly filled in our names and perfectly memorized phone numbers and addresses. It was the first time for all of us to be receiving our library cards. I felt strangely grown up being in possession of a small, laminated card with my name scribbled across its front. I pocketed it right away afraid to get any pencil marks on it already. The librarian along with our teacher started giving us a tour of the library. It was small but cozy with the check out desk dividing it right down the middle, separating the adult and the young kids' section. We were mostly led around our own section, with the librarian pointing every so often at a set of encyclopedia volumes, the new arrivals, or the newspaper collection.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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My Library Card to the Rest of the World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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