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In this paper "If I Was the Sergeant Major of the Army", the author writes what he would do If he was the sergeant major of the army. An author suggests that he would try his level best to understand the responsibilities associated with the position of Sergeant Major…
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If I Was the Sergeant Major of the Army
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If I Was the Sergeant Major of the Army
I would try my level best to understand the responsibilities associated with the position of Sergeant Major. If I was the sergeant major of the army, I would make it my first priority to address the issues of the young soldiers as they are more exposed to the military environment than the upper leadership. Many of the young soldiers are fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq on the orders of their seniors. In this way, young soldiers have to go on missions that they do not like. I would talk to the soldiers on a personal level and voice their concerns to the leadership. This would help in bridging the gap and would also motivate the soldiers if they feel that their concerns are properly addressed and considered. The Sergeant Major is a person who is in direct communication with the troops. So I will make it sure that discipline is maintained throughout the troops and that no one breaks the rules. Discipline is the most important thing in the army and I would impose fines and drills on those who try to infringe the rules and regulations in any way. Thirdly, our country faces a lot of external threats and is already engaged in many wars throughout the world. Our soldiers need more training and in a more rigorous way. I would talk to the leadership about introducing tough training programs so that our soldiers become more competent and are able to handle the threats that our country faces. (Begg)
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Begg, Sergeant Major Robert B. "Sergeant Major Robert B. Begg." The Sergeant Major (1996). Print. Read More
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It was very interesting for me to read about the author's thought on the question of military service. It gave me much food for thought.

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