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The value of using the writing process - Essay Example

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The capability to write in an articulate manner gives the individual the opportunity and power to influence and share ideas, opinions, and thoughts with others in daily situations as well as across space and time. …
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The value of using the writing process
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Extract of sample "The value of using the writing process"

Download file to see previous pages The value placed on writing and reading arises out of the individual’s shared need to become literate which is an important function in the culture and the society. It is crucial for the writers to generate quality works (Kamehameha Schools, 2007). The value of the writing process is that it requires us to think critically, reflect on our experiences, and examine what is important to us as individuals. Through the natural process of examination and self-reflection, we begin to see ourselves more clearly. The writing process has proved to be valuable for both personal and professional growth. Effective writing process starts with the pre-writing process.When conducting research to form ideas, it is important for the individual to obtain credible academic sources, evaluate opinions, beliefs and biases as relevant to the sources, consider his or her audience, and brainstorm the information gathered. Capella University (2007) states that it is important for the individual to keep track of all the sources and bibliographic information that will be applied in the writing. It is important that the audience be analyzed appropriately in order to meet their expectations. The writer should think hard about the person who will read his piece and what they expect to accomplish from it (Goddard and Hatcher, 2005). To brainstorm the ideas gathered, the individuals should write those ideas in phrases and resist the desire to make any changes or corrections (Capella University, 2007; Bovee and Thill, 2007). Developing a draft is crucial for research and organizing ideas. Most people have issues with their drafts because they either overvalue it or undervalue it. After organizing the points, one can go ahead and begin the draft (Goddard and Hatcher, 2005). Paraphrase the information gathered by presenting it comprehensively, but make sure that the information is rewritten in own words. Paragraphs with similar ideas should be structured together. Each first sentence of the paragraph should be taken as the topic sentence or a mini-main idea (Capella University, 2007). It is important to share the drafts with others and to determine clarity of the points given. An important component of the writing process is revising and editing. The step entails big changes only. In the revising process, delete or move segments that are in the wrong place or unnecessary, and mark the sections where you have omitted something crucial or where you need to support or expand a point (Goddard and Hatcher, 2005). It is also crucial to consider effective synonyms and ensure that thoughts and sentences are complete. This ensures that the phrases or words flow in a logical manner. During editing, one should work on things like word choice, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure. In this process, it is important to find someone worthy to read and comment on the piece of writing. One can create a good mutual-aid group who can assist in proofreading the work and making suggestions(Goddard and Hatcher, 2005). The writing process is applicable in all writing to grow and self-respect. Writing skills will assist individuals to succeed in any setting whether academic, professional or personal. In the professional setting, the writing process enhances basic and detailed written communication skills (Bovee and Thill, 2007). Confidence is increased by good writing pieces. Confidence leads to greater success and the pride in own writing initiates the process of self-reflection. Writing is an important learning process because writing skills involve creativity, and informed writing improves knowledge. The knowledge gained is applied to daily interactions. Fitzgerald, Graham, and MacArthur (2008) state that the writing proce ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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