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Routine shaving - Research Paper Example

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Routine Shaving of the Surgical Site Name: Institution: A.1 The preparation of patients before surgery, traditionally, includes the everyday elimination of the body hair located at the area where the surgical practice is to be carried out; the surgical operation area…
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Routine shaving
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Download file to see previous pages This model of hair removal should be changed or replaced, as it presents the potential risks of susceptibility to skin damage like razor burns, scrapes, cuts or nicks. This model also, involves the cutting of body hair below or at the plane of the skin, often leaving pointed follicles, which cause irritation during the time of re-growing. Due to the effect of bruising the skin, where there is the development of cuts, scrapes, or nicks – increase the incidences of surgical site infections (SSIs), which may lead to further, post-surgical effects, like delayed wound healing, extended hospital stays, unnecessary pain, and in extreme cases, the patient’s death – which may be expensive or difficult to treat (Miller et al., 2001). 2. a) The core of surgical shaving can be traced to the traditional medical observances. The roots of the practice are difficult to trace, due to the lack of proper documentation, but from all leads – it drew from the antiseptic practices introduced into medical practice by Ignaz Semmelweis and Joseph Lister in the 19th century. A case here is the observation of Dr. Stephen Smith, in the 1850s, that surgeons at the Bellevue hospital in New York administered the practice (Altman, 1983). The basis for the practice was presented by the Norwegian Centre for Health Technology Assessment, which carried out a methodical review on preoperative hair removal and published its report in 2002. The search for the review took place between 1999 and 2002, featuring both observational and randomized studies. At the facility, like the case is, with other facilities, the determination of the practice of preoperative shaving was reached by the hospital infection center, which is outlined through its working party guidelines. This authority is also responsible for proposing the change of the practice as deemed fit. The evidence in support of – not removing body hairs before operation was based on the information from observational inquiries only. According to their findings, preference was offered to clipping, as it presents less risk of surgical wound infection. The study, further, offered preference to depilation – as opposed to shaving, where moderate evidence from randomized studies and observational inquiries – which indicated that the timing for the removal of body hair should be administered, only a few minutes or a short duration before the surgery (Kjonniksen, 2002; Fogg, 1999). b). The rationale for routine shaving of the surgical site before surgery was implemented, as it is viewed as a mode of reducing the level of exposure, of the surgery area, both at the time of incision and in accessing the wound area after the surgery. For instance, the presence of hairs at the operation area may interfere with the suturing of the opening. It may also interfere with the dressing of the surgical wound and the administration of adhesive drapes. The presence of hair at the surgical site is also associated to a lack of cleanliness, and may also interference with the process of administering cleaning, before the surgery or after the practice. As a result, the removal of such hairs is perceived as capable of reducing the instances of reducing the incidences of site surgical infection, due to the dirt and the infecting agents that may hide at the haired area (Hallstrom & Beck, 1993). c). The reason as to why the hair removal practice is administered in this way is that it offers an effective mode of hair removal, as the hairs are cut either at the surface or below ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Routine Shaving Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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