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Virtual time capsule - Assignment Example

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The 20th and 21st century is considered as a life of global technological advancements. It has made the life of people easier and convenient by the new technologies, ideas and ideals of life. Our daily life is much influenced by the technological advancements…
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Virtual time capsule
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Download file to see previous pages Moral values, respect, love, culture traditions are all taught by our forefathers and we follow them by our own will. It is, however, debatable to question the imposition of any idea on us. We live in the age where laws, regulations and rules are made to protect our independence We experience some irrational activities, violence, over exposure to negative aspects of life and gather knowledge via media basically. It is one of the popular advancements available to the people of our age. Media is the best source of information for people around the globe. We experience the role of technologies, education, social interaction and political agendas in our daily life which affects us in one way or the other. However, our families help us in every possible manner and protect us. We have a strong relationship with our family members and friends. Socialization, either face to face or over internet, is one of the activities that we carry out on a daily basis. Physical activities usually include involvement in some sport like football, table tennis, cricket, swimming etc. Our habits are all influenced by the people we are associated to and the society at large. We respect our elders and tend to help them wherever possible. Our customs are affected by other people’s customs as the concept of globalization and diversity has merged the people of different ethnic backgrounds. Decisions in our age are greatly influenced by the moral teachings by our families, educational teachers, friends, media and society. We are given the opportunity to live the way we want after we step in our adulthood. We have certain legal duties as well as some moral responsibilities to follow. The decisions we make are all affected by these factors discussed. A decision to start an awareness program to uphold the sustainability of environment is ethically and morally correct for the people of our age. The decision to stop using products which are made at the cost of the life of any species or the environment is also morally correct and fair. Our values, hence, weigh how the environment, society and other creatures are affected by our decisions to judge them to be morally or ethically right and acceptable. Happiness is the feeling of being mentally relaxed and satisfied keeping the comfort of others in view. I reached to this definition as I moved on with my life and realized that I feel happy or contended only when things, people and environment around me is stable, in order and sound. Happiness, hence, lies in the greater good of the society. If the society or people around us are stable and the environment is not at risk, we feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. Having read this poem “Lost sister” I realized the importance of moral values, culture and tradition. Here the poet describes two types of women. Both are brought up in same culture but one of them chooses her life to spend in her native culture but the second chooses American disrupt culture. the stone that in the far fields could moisten the dry season, could make men move mountains for the healing green of the inner hills glistening like a slice of winter melon. In my opinion the well cultured and traditional women desire more respect and honor than the one who is running in the social race of life with man because cultural lady can be seen but cannot be heard. On the other hand, the other women prefer freedom over respect. This poem enhances our traditional inclination towards the traditional and cultural ladies, who spend their whole lives for the sake of family. This poem will be of help in exposing the views and cultural priorities of our age to the future generations. The most important thing is the reputation and overwhelming ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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