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Whoopi Goldberg Joined All Those Against Teacher Tenure

Last week’s episode of The View reflected famous comedian’s approach to the current educational system and level of teaching. K-12 education is a hot potato among celebrities around the globe. While hundreds of teachers come out on the streets to strike against home-based and e-education, some people believe teachers’ permissiveness should be limited. The question is whether computers are capable of replacing real people in full. At least, the machines don’t get at the students, giving preferences to some and ignoring others. Miss Goldberg believes in most of the young teachers’ incompetence.

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"To me, bad teachers don't do anybody any good. So the union needs to recognize that parents are not going to stand for it anymore," she said. The reaction was rather negative as far as most of the parents believe computers are only destroying childish brain, and the teachers do not accept the fact they may lose their positions in case of failing special exams. As we know, Whoopi’s mom was an honored teacher, so she appreciates only high-quality professionals. Others are simply stealing money from both the government and naïve families.

"I like great teachers. I don't like bad teachers, so I don't think bad teachers should be given the gift of teaching forever — badly," she claims.

And that’s not the only case with the celebrity being involved. The anti-common core caucus is represented by another distinguished comedian, Louis C.K., followed by more than 3.6 million Twitter users. His judgments towards the educational system are now widely blamed by the number of conservatives and even liberals.

"My kids used to love math," he mentioned."Now it makes them cry. Thanks standardized testing and common core!"

He continued with similar posts the following couple of days. Being a lucky father of two young girls, he is indignant with how the current system works. The academic year is wasted on studying for tests only. There are too much of them. However, a traditional system should include various approaches to studying: presentations, free lessons, case studies, work in groups, reading sessions, projects, etc. Today, it’s all about turning kids into some robots with a lack of creative thinking. They are forced to memorize senseless information by heart. And it brings no results. "The tests are written by people that nobody knows who they are. It's very secretive. ... A lot of the year is about the tests. Teaching to the test, they called it."

At the same time, there is a certain amount of famous people putting money into the Core’s development. For instance, we can notice Eva Longoria and John Legend investing their solid capital. But is today’s system worth of it?

“People from the other side” believe that the Common Core principles are aiming high to prepare young people for the future college life and career challenge.

The reason for most of the celebrities to vote against generally accepted education principles and weak teachers is the way to promote themselves. Or, as psychologists say, the attempts to pay back their teachers for low grades and non-recognition. We all know that people of art hate any restrictions. There is no wonder most of them used to study bad. However, as statistics show, creativity is a better way to making good money. But you have to be born with a particular talent and be the lucky one. To avoid risk, it is still better to study well.

"For those of us who are education nerds, we're talking about this kind of thing all the time," says José Luis Vilson, a math educator and the author of This Is Not a Test: A New Narrative on Race, Class and Education. "But it isn't until a lightning rod comes into a situation that it gets more attention."

Anyway, those celebrities movement against the Common Core is not supported by some valuable arguments like reform suggestions. They should thing of the steps if they strive for some changes. In other case, those are all empty words and unreasonable resentment.

Whoopi Goldberg Joined All Those Against Teacher Tenure-2

Matt Damon was the one to prove his words towards real-life matter. Being among the worst students of his native school did not stop him from becoming whom he is now. He failed all the standardized tests one by one.

"I don't know where I would be today if my teacher's job security was based on how I performed on some standardized test," he told the crowd. "I sure as hell wouldn't be here, I do know that."

So, perhaps there is a chance for removing at least half of the tests from poor kids’ schedule? Give them a little bit more freedom – let the younger generation THINK.

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