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Hilarious Slim Down Stories That Everyone Can Relate To

We bet you have experienced that feeling of high concentration, mindful intention, and optimism about starting to lose weight next Monday/Month/Year. Still, when the Day X comes, it all vanishes magically.

We have collected the hilarious life stories of people who did their best to try healthy lifestyle…

Hilarious Slim Down Stories That Everyone Can Relate To-1

Yesterday I was cleaning my apartment when suddenly came across the barbell under my bed. While trying not to look at it, I had a thought in my head “Should I probably start doing sports? But no, exams are coming. I need to study well.” So I sat down and started playing Warcraft.

Recently I saw a new fitness club opened down the street, so I went there to check around. For you to get there, you need to go upstairs up to floor three, and only stairs are available, no elevator, of course. So I got to the club with another man behind me, who was not the slimmest type, so to say. He had nothing with him, so I supposed he came only for checking around, as I did. So it was. The first and only phrase he told to the reception lady was “So you say, I need to walk upstairs each time? No, thanks,” and walked away.

Hilarious Slim Down Stories That Everyone Can Relate To-2

I have set the alarm clock to 5 a.m. to go jogging outside. So, when I heard my phone ringing that morning, I shut it down and had a beautiful dream, that I went jogging. I guess, it counts.

I am into the gym for half a year by now. So my girlfriend always feels herself safe, when we are out. Should the bad guys attack, I always can perform 3 sets of squatting, 50+ reps.

Hilarious Slim Down Stories That Everyone Can Relate To-3

A few days ago I read an article about the overweighted hedgehogs in Israel, who are being treated with a diet. They put on because of the visitors, who always treat them with some food. Some of them have gained up to 4.5 pounds when their healthy weight should be 1.5. So, now they have a recovering programme, which includes diet and sports. The point of my story is… I want to be a hedgehog.

Hilarious Slim Down Stories That Everyone Can Relate To-4

I work as a taxi driver at Uber. Once I had a request from one address with no destination, and I had to park in the backyard of the house. I went there and waited. Then I saw a man in a sports suit slowly running to the car. He sat down and said: “My wife is kinda worried because of my weight, so she made me go jogging each day and watches me through the window.” After a short break, he added, “Drive me to KFC, I’m starving.” When I drove him back after having a reach breakfast, he asked me to stop in the backyard and happily ran back how. Genious cheater.

Hilarious Slim Down Stories That Everyone Can Relate To-5

My friend Mary-Anne told me she is about to start a diet, for she gained some unwanted pounds recently. I was excited, for I have had the same thing on my mind, so I said: “Great, we could do it together and become dieting buddies. When I have an idea of driving to the closest fast food restaurant, I’ll call you first.” “Cool,” she replied. “I’ll go with you!”

I was searching the Internet once and came across a weight-loss patch, which you should stick on for pounds to melt away. I asked my husband, “How do you think, will it work for me?”

“Of course,” he said. “If you put it over your mouth.”

Hilarious Slim Down Stories That Everyone Can Relate To-6

Each week I go to a Weight Watchers meeting. There is one senior woman who has the most significant results. One day I asked her “How do you do that?”

“That’s easy,” she replied. “I take my teeth out at six o’clock every night.”


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