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Wish to Forecast Your GPA? There Is Nothing Easier!

Wish to Forecast Your GPA? There Is Nothing Easier!-1

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Grade Point Average is one of the basic indicators of a student’s personal academic achievement. It is the average of the grades on all courses with course credit considered.

Once in a blue moon, you don’t have to guess whether your score is enough to pass the course or take MBA program. To ease your life, we've developed this convenient online GPA calculator based on the United States educational system. Most often, GPA calculation is done via 4.0 scale. Don’t you know how to calculate GPA on a 4.0 scale? Our converter transforms each grade you enter to points using U.S. academic scale. Here is a generally accepted formula on how to calculate your GPA: each class points have to be multiplied by the corresponding number of credits or hours for that particular class. Then, they are all added together. That sum is divided by the total number of credit hours obtained. The credit fields have to be filled with digits, while your grades can be put in letters.

What for Do I Need That GPA Stuff?

Mind that receiving straight A’s all the time doesn’t guarantee you the highest GPA scores! It depends on this: your higher education, career opportunities, overall wealth… Find out whether your GPA score meets the requirements of the educational institution you wish to apply for.

No matter if you are middle school, high school or college student, GPA calculator is a crucial tool for reaching success and keep your academic performance on the appropriate level.

If you are about entering some college or university, you have to learn more about its GPA and other academic requirements. THE SCHEDULE IS NOT THE SAME FOR ALL EDUCATION ENTITIES!

I Wanna Calculate My GPA!

Fill in each of the proposed fields accurately. Choose a letter equivalent grade for every course you take. You may input a real one or the expected. It is always better to check your GPA in advance. In front of your grade, enter the credit hours earned. Go on entering these two features for each class one-by-one. Your GPA will be calculated immediately for all the courses and their grades you insert. There is an opportunity to add more classes in case our suggested amount is not enough.

It’s so simple: your “Overall GPA” for both Fall and Spring is displayed at the bottom of the class list included below.

It is much more convenient to get your GPA results by inserting course names, hours and grades into the corresponding fields. However, you may be interested in learning how to do it alone. By using this universal GPA formula, you’ll be able to calculate your academic success anytime, anywhere:

Grades * Credits / Credits = GPA

What Are the Equivalents?

Roughly speaking, if you wish to know how GPA score complies with the traditional grading system, here is a hint (it is relevant only for simple GPA estimation): A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0.

A new scale determines 4.3 score as the highest one (A+). Weighted GPA is approximately the same as the simple one, so the evaluation system is the same.

Advanced Placement GPA is considered the most complicated one. It is count in a more tricky way, and the highest number possible to obtain is 5.3. You have to be aware of all these nuances in order not to get trapped.

Weighted GPA along with AP/IB/Honors has a 10.0 schedule. However, this score is valued higher than ordinary college GPA scores. So, while in some cases you have to find the weighted average, in other you need, to sum up, few scores after calculating each separately.

What Types of GPA Exists?

Wish to Forecast Your GPA? There Is Nothing Easier!-2

  • Weighted
  • Semester
  • Cumulative 

Note: take only such subjects as English, Math, Social Studies, Foreign Language and Science into account. You need weighted GPA to pass the admission commission. Unfortunately, its officers are not interested in your Music or PE achievements. Of course, another thing which counts is the type of college/university you wish to enter and the desired degree.

Note: semester GPA is calculated two times per academic year (after the Fall and Spring semester respectively). To add both scores is not enough to get the total GPA in the end.

Note: cumulative GPA is the same as overall.

What’s Next So Far?

GPA calculation is used for planning purposes mostly. Your official achievements are received at the very end along with your diploma. But what for should you risk? Make sure you include failed as well as successfully passed subjects because both are parts of your GPA.

So, you have calculated your GPA rate. Now, if you are still a high school student, decide whether your AP/IB/Honors classes do not influence it negatively? In case your GPA is too weak, try moving to regular level classes. It will automatically improve the situation (eg., turning your C into B).

Being an undergraduate who cares about Non-STEM, you need to meet most graduate school admission standards. The fewer credit hours you earned may play a significant role in your case.

Being undergraduate with STEM awareness, focus more on your science or engineering classes performance along with credit hours amount.

Note that the calculated GPA returned is based on your information only. It is not an official grade point average. Campuses may calculate your grade point average in a different way - based on your official high school transcript.


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