What Should I Wear to Survive?

All sexual harassment incidents occur due to the provoking, screaming female outlooks at the workplace. Well, at least most of the men justifies themselves in the courts by telling this version. Nobody has a right to violence; that is true. But it is just as true as there are certain ethical and moral norms every employee should obey in order to avoid internal organizational conflicts.

A company’s office is not the best place to strike a pose or make strides. There are a lot of temptations to dress screaming clothing: numerous meetings, conferences, trainings, corporate gigs, birthday parties, and other events. The problem is that they usually occur at the end of a working day, and for most of the women it is uncomfortable to carry a baggage of wear to change. It’s especially relevant for those female employees living far from the office without having an opportunity to ride a car.

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Some of the most – up-to-date designers of formal clothing suggest own view of this problem by launching new liberal clothing lines. Furst and for most, it’s important to get rid of female executive’s bad habit of running to extremes: they either dress too much casually or pay no attention to own appearance at all. Right, CEO women, perhaps, possess an awful taste ever.

Mary Lou Andre, head of Organization by Design, believes the majority of office wear is overlooked due to the increasing amount of movies claiming successful business ladies cannot stay sexual and attractive.

Just think of the “Ugly Betty” syndrome. However, fashion experts continue their researches to prove financial wealth, and sexuality can coexist. First impression always counts, but it’s never too late to change.

But while some women face a dilemma of completely changing their face or figure to survive in competitive industries Megan Fox’s plastic surgery is a great example), for others it would be enough to scan their wardrobe carefully. And here are the tips for doing so…

Myth #1: One Size Fits All

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Do not try to cash with the local corporate culture set within a particular company. Think of a salary you receive: Isn't it worth sacrificing provoking mini skirt or too much-tied dress? You won’t get hired by any bank regardless its level or status without accepting their uniform. On the whole, it is better to avoid financial business entities unless you deny an idea of wearing routine uniforms. However, formal jackets, coats, trousers, and blouses only add up to the personal confidence and overall performance. It’s up to a woman to convey professionalism and broad knowledge of her industry. Every company has own requirements, so it is critical to learn them by heart before entering this field.

There are some progressive modern e-commerce groups and app developers who prefer young experts. Thus, their policies and regulations are as democratic as possible. Most of the time, both genders are not expected to obey any dress-code, time scheduling, working hours, fees, and other significant rules. But in case you are more of a conservative type, in fond of strict discipline, you’d better choose elsewhat.

Myth #2: Purchase the Goods of the Same Time-Tested Designers

Going straightly to the same store and buying the goods by the same designer over and over is not the appropriate solution. What Should I Wear to Survive?-3What was once just-in-time, is old-fashioned now. Unless you want others to make laugh of you, dress up according to the latest fashion tendencies. It just should relate to your field. Try more cutting-edge brands or those which combine street and office style. Right, by mixing up, you can compensate own desire to look stylish even at work. Phillip Lim or Rag & Bone are that kinds of labels which you can consider while shopping. Blazer, military jackets, trousers, skinny pants are on the top now.

Don’t get disappointed if you don’t have enough money to purchase more than two suits/costumes at a time. A couple of outlooks is sufficient to switch/rearrange them every day so that no one will notice the scarcity of your choice and finances. Magrino is sure every female employee has to own a gray flannel, brown and black pants; and brown and black boots and pumps.

Academic online services are, perhaps, the only place where you can wear whatever. As it happens with freelance jobs, nobody sees you at home, so you are welcome to dress-up whatever you like and go on posting business guidelines at, let’s say, https://studentshare.org/business

Myth #3: Wear Overly Up-to-Date Clothing

What Should I Wear to Survive?-4The passage above, however, does not mean you have to search for designer’s innovations in sections offering teen’s, subculture’s or special events clothing. It will look even more ridiculous in the office. Forget about those fashionable baggy clothing. It can simply run off, leaving you naked. The only exception for wearing screaming trends is the industry of art, entertainment, and, undoubtedly, fashion. Even when dress code is not assigned to the employees of your organization, do not walk around wearing provoking stuff. Are you here for dating or earning per living?

Still, Rory Tahari, vice chairman, and creative director of the fashion brand Elie Tahari believes women should be provided with the minimum freedom. For instance, at least a light make-up must be allowed. Otherwise, forbidden fruit may reduce the work productivity. So, it’s important that employers also pay attention to the needs of their female personnel. These decisions shouldn’t be too much radical: just add some colors to the proposed uniform. Yellow or tangerine would suit work environment just fine. Green is also highly recommended by psychologists as far as it gives a push to start some activity. Hillary Clinton is put as a great example of this compromise on the campaign trail where she was wearing her famous black suit with a pop of color under it.

Myth #4: Business Casual Is a Norm Everywhere

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This point is only for those working every Saturday stably. But does anyone understand what it means? Stop interpreting business casual as dressing for a weekend or Saturday. Limit jeans and other frivolous elements of the wardrobe to Fridays and Saturday nights. Concerning the rest of the week, if business casual relates to avoiding the suit in favor of slacks and a sweater, just keep in mind that you never know for sure when a business meeting with an important partner or VIP customer will pop out or when you’ll have to drop by an unscheduled evening event with colleagues.

Well, more information and advices you can receive any time from various industry professionals who willingly share their knowledge of both business entities policies and how to survive in a competing office environment by developing the most efficient resume: https://studentshare.org/business

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