Top-2 Weight-Loss Tips

Don’t trust those guys who say they dislike too much slim girls. And especially do not trust those girls telling it does not matter whether the guy has a well-trained body or a “beer belly” like Homer Simpson. The rules of the fashion game changed over time. Today, both genders prefer partners with hot slim bodies instead of the cellulite jumble.

Unless you weigh 1036 lbs like world’s fattest woman Mayra Rosales, you have a pretty chance of getting the body you have always dreamt of by following these simple summer diet tips.

Top-2 Weight-Loss Tips-1I’ll tell you one thing for sure from the very beginning: you will not lose weight by doing sports only. If you eat the same amount of the same caloric food, you will only provide your body with elasticity. But the weight and fat will remain. In case you have an acceptable burden, there is no need for changing your food intake and behaviors. You might just shape your figure by attending a gym or playing tennis for at least half an hour per day. However, if your weight is turning dramatic, and people turn away when you enter the beach, it’s about time to think of working out your physical appearance.

Your perfect weight is determined by such factors as age, gender, height, and level of daily physical activity. You can calculate your optimal weight here: http://www.calculator.net/ideal-weight-calculator.html.

The formula is already inserted there just to display the results immediately. Sometimes, it is important to mind the Constitution. People with thin Constitution look slimmer than people of the same weight with standard or wide bone. So, make sure you are getting in a flap reasonably. Otherwise, you will keep reducing your weight to the minimum by thinking you are fat. In fact, a wide bone won’t let you look like Kate Moss in any case, so it does not make any sense to starve to death by hoping your legs will someday look like two sticks. Besides, that’s what the guys hate.


Top-2 Weight-Loss Tips-2A healthy weight loss should happen at the expense of fat with the minimal loss of muscle mass. Often, one goes on a very strict diet, resulting in a dramatic reduce in metabolism, which leads to the loss of muscles and inhibits the process of fat burning.

Primary Fat Burn Factors

In order to get rid of the belly and sides quickly, it is crucial to understanding that the basis of any successful diet is the lack of calories. It means you need to expend constantly a little more energy than you receive with your food.

The second very important factor for effective fat loss is to maintain a high metabolic rate. When you start decreasing the caloric intake drastically, your body considers it an extreme situation; it develops prevention measures from dying of starvation. As a result, the body begins to slow down metabolism to make you have enough energy for a while.

Thus, those who try keeping to the strict diets notify the adverse effect of such ration that lead to the undesired consequences (headache, general delicacy, muscle weakness) in the next two weeks.

All you need is to have your metabolism at the appropriate level or even accelerate it. Here are the first two basic rules of fat-burning:

1) To cause a lack of calories (to get less than you expend);

2) To maintain a high metabolic rate.


How do you maintain a high metabolic rate?

Top-2 Weight-Loss Tips-3

As you know, in order to burn fat to get rid of the belly and flanks before summertime, it is necessary to maintain a high metabolic rate. There are many ways to speed up the metabolism. The best one is having smaller meals. The Golden Rule sounds like:

The more often you eat, the faster your metabolism is. This does not mean that you need to eat a lot of food; it means that you need to eat often but in small portions.

The daily ration should be divided into at least six servings. That may seem a daunting task, but it's pretty easy! Judge for yourself: to smoke a single cigarette, you need an average of 3-5 minutes. But to eat two scoops of rice and a piece of meat you will take only about 30-60 seconds. It’s just the matter of habit and your desire.

In addition, you need to exercise, with or without iron and proteins. Any physical activity increases metabolism. And if you are “pumping” your muscles, the benefits will double. The thing is that muscles themselves consume a lot of energy even during our sleep.

A Dilemma

Top-2 Weight-Loss Tips-4

When you make no changes in your training, i.e. continue working in the style of 6-10 reps with a few minutes of rest, it retains the size of your muscles throughout the diet. But no matter how you train, the loss of muscles during the diet is inevitable. Therefore, one of the main objectives is to minimize these losses.

The benefits of pumping are obvious. As for the main drawback, it is the loss of your muscle mass: the working weight goes down, and the number of sets and reps increases.

Speaking about advantages, pumping workouts provide a high consumption of calories and, what is more important, increase the blood flow. It’s just that corresponding hormones, which are washed by the blood and muscle tissue, are responsible for any fat loss. The more blood flows to the muscles; the more hormones break down subcutaneous fat.


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