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TOEFL ETS Scores Interpretation (iBT & PBT)

TOEFL ETS Scores Interpretation (iBT & PBT)-1

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What is the purpose of the TOEFL Test?

TOEFL Test was designed to evaluate the English proficiency of people, whose native language is not English. The primary purpose it is used for is testing the ability of international students to use English at the academic level. The test is open for everybody, who is studying in a high school or higher.

Generally, a good score in TOEFL Test is considered to be between 80 and 90 points. Perfectly good starts from 90 and goes higher, up to 100. This is what you are aimed to get to be accepted to practically every university.

More on TOEFL Test information

It is important to note some of the essential details before we jump into grading system explanations. First of all, we’ll have to mention the creators and administrators of the TOEFL Test. This is a job of ETS (Educational Testing Service), the nonprofit educational organization, which creates, develops and supports the test.

TOEFL is one of the most popular English-language tests all around the world. It is recognized by more than 9, 000 colleges in more than 130 countries, including U.K., Australia, Canada, and the U.S.A.

If we are talking about time, TOEFL practice test takes approximately 4 hours to complete. The time you spend on completing your test might vary due to the reading and listening sections, which may last from 60 to 100 minutes. So, it would be better for you to plan 4 hours and 30 minutes for the test. The result you get is valid for two years after the test date. If you are not satisfied with your results, you may retake it at any time you are ready. To prepare yourself for a test you can use the official guide to the TOEFL test 4th edition, which is available on Amazon or online. Also, to have additional practice with timing, feel free to use any TOEFL iBT free test, like TOEFL Internet-based test or TOEFL sample test. Most of them are available online, under the search for ‘toefl ibt practice test online’ or ‘toefl practice test online.’

TOEFL iBT Practice Test Online

This is an online TOEFL test you can go through to get the idea of how it works, check your timing and practice before the real TOEFL, a test of English as a foreign language. It is more known as TOEFL iBT sample test, as it is not the real test you take to get a certificate. Also, it means that the results you get are not eligible to be sent to college or university. This is only a try for you to understand your strong and weak points. Once you are searching for such an example of TOEFL Test, make sure you look for TOEFL iBT full-length practice test free. As loads of websites offer shortened and incomplete versions, which won’t grant you the experience need.

TOEFL Test Score explanation

Your overall score would be calculated out of the points you get by passing four separate parts of the test, which are reading, speaking, writing and listening skills. We'll try to guide you through the potholes of this grading system in our article.

Free TOEFL Reading Test

Reading is evaluated with up to 30 points. Getting less than 15 is considered as a failure of the test. Also, you are deemed intermediate English reader with 15-21 points. 22 and more reading score points grant you a status of a pro.

TOEFL Listening Test

Listening is judged absolutely the same. This means you have a top of 30 points to reach. Having less than 15 points is considered as a failure. More than 22 points result is a great achievement.

TOEFL Speaking Test

Speaking is evaluated according to the next scheme:

  • Up to 4 points are converted to 0-30 scale.
  • If you gain less than 10 – sorry, you'll have to retake an exam.
  • 10-17 are still counted as very poor.
  • 18-25 are fair while it is always better to reach all 30. Then, even native speakers won’t be able to differentiate your pronunciation from their own.

TOEFL Writing Test

Finally, writing is the most essential and complicated part.

  • 0-5 points are converted to 0-30 scale for this part.
  • You have limited English writing skills with the 1-16 score. It means you’ll have to retake the test.
  • 17-23 points are valued as pretty satisfactory.
  • 24-30 points are referred to as excellent writing skills.

How is the TOEFl Test Evaluated?

After going through each part of the test, you get your 4 different results. In the very end, each student may get max 120 points. They are not counted as an average of four points, but rather are a sum of the points you get. It’s not that easy to get a whole maximum in each part of the test, still, you have a pretty good chances to gain 90-100+ points, which would be more than enough for colleges and universities.

Still, there is one more thing you should be aware of before starting your TOEFL Test preparation. There are so-called TOEFL PBT Scores. Basically, it is a score for the TOEFL teste, which gives you similar tasks and checks same skills, but the approach to the student's work evaluation is more strict and complicated. You are expected to gain at least half of the points (50%) to pass TOEFL iBT ranking. Therefore, a student who earns less than 50%, fails the test automatically. So, if the first approach aims to reveal your weak points, this second one is more about passing the test.

The primary target of PBT is to pass each of the three stages – listening, reading, and writing (a.k.a. structure or written expression), by receiving not less than 31 out of 68 points. So, even 45% is enough. The maximum score any student can obtain is 677.

Finally, we’ll talk of the TWE Scores, which is my favourite part. This test takes half an hour to accomplish. As a rule, it is an addition to PBT difficult assignments. It has a paper-based format which means that a candidate must compose an essay.

The overall grade of both, free TOEFL iBT practice test and ordinary TOEFL test, will be based on such elements as:

  • Clear thesis statement
  • Appropriate structure and organization
  • Following one of the academic formats – MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard, etc.
  • Word choice, vocabulary
  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation
  • Coherence, relevance
  • And of course, correct referencing and in-text citations.

Every applicant gains two scores at a time, ranked 1-6. This grade is not included in the overall TOEFL score. Don’t be surprised when you receive 2.5 or 5.3 – such a grading system is also accepted.

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