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N Reasons to Major in Psychology Today

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All people know about Psychology Majors is that it turns a student either into psychologist or psycho and has nothing to do with counseling patients on their real problems. It is widely believed you can hardly find a job in this field, but if you do, you automatically receive high wages for doing almost nothing. Well, at least many media and motion pictures like “Freaky Friday” make a laugh out of this position.

Remember the phrase “And how do you feel about that?” Jamie Lee Curtis heroine provided Lindsay Lohan with “valuable” advice before the sessions. I don’t think you would earn pretty much by simply nodding and drawing pictures in your notebook.

First of all, it is critical to understand how many Psychology Majors are out there. The American Psychological Association has all the answers. Psych Major is believed to be one of the top ranking degrees during the last couple of years. It means a high competence on the corresponding labor market. So, you have to think really carefully before penetrating into this market. In case you are sure in own strengths, it would be better to launch own counseling service.

Private psychologists are rather popular today, and the entire business is very profitable.

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Despite the harsh employability of the market, the researchers have pointed that almost no Psychology graduates stay unemployed or poorly paid. So, looks like there is a plenty of people striving for the buddy and helping hand. Focus on your patients instead of own wealth – and you’ll make it to the top. To replace any doubts you might possess, I gathered 3 most popular myths about this Major just to break them up.

Myth #1: Bachelor’s degree is not enough for obtaining a job in Psychology and seeking Master takes too long.

 It can be so, but having a Master is not the only way to get a position of therapist or psychiatrist. As we all know, most of the Master programs consist of the same courses as Bachelor degree offers. For instance, you will have to pass sociology, psychoanalysis, and other subjects again, but from a different perspective. Anyway, the idea remains the same. I believe that there is a huge difference between BBA and MBA as business disciplines can be mastered in full only after carrying out advanced financial and marketing projects on the fifth educational year.

However, I don’t think it is that critical in psychology. It all depends on human nature whether a particular student is ready to analyze and support potential patients in a way they stay satisfied. Or at least they stop thinking of committing a suicide. You don’t need any special practice or heavy training. Four solid years in health fields are enough to hit a minimum of internship and a maximum of a narrow expert.

Myth #2: Psychology is rather an art than science.

Do people know the meaning of art? Art is something we create, so it depends entirely on human imagination. There is nothing to invent in psychology. Almost all of the causes of mental disorders were analyzed and approaches to recovering tested. Without inventing a vehicle, you can still add up to this field by practicing and offering own techniques.

But, in general, you work with what was already discovered and studies millions of times. Psychology, in fact, is rapidly gaining recognition as a “STEM” (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) discipline.

Myth #3: There is nothing complicated about psychology.

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Well, we have talked about this one already. If mastering such topics as statistics and neuroscience seems easy for you, then you’re the lucky one! J Don’t forget about the in-depth courses!

Advantages of Psychology Major

You can start without completing your degree. You will need it done in any case, but you can get hired as the therapist assistant or intern. It will enrich your knowledge and provide with practical skills before entering this market in full.

As White Paper Report states, more than 40% of bachelor’s level psychologists are involved in highly paid business activities. The next largest group, something around 30%, are employed in higher educational institutions (colleges and universities; high schools are barely mentioned). Around 15-20% work either for the government or not-for-profit companies. The rest of the students are self-employed. Despite less than 25% of all psychology students work in the relevant field after graduation, they are competent in handling as marketing, sales, and advertising.

The good thing is that you do not necessarily have to dedicate your entire life to psychology and medicine. Having this degree allows enrolling in such fields as marketing, management, leadership studies, HR, OB, social work and healthcare, finance, and more.

As for the question of money, in 2006, the average annual income of bachelor’s level psychology majors was $30,000. In 2010, APA reported that the initial payment for a psychology major is $36,400.

N Reasons to Major in Psychology Today-4

As outlined in the White Paper, there are 10 basic skills that psychology majors are highly recommended to master during their education in order to enter the job market with the minimum barriers. They must be able to:

  • forecast and understand the attitude/behavior of separate units and teams;
  • use and interpret data correspondingly;
  • assume the legitimacy of statements s about behavior;
  • differ memory and learning functions;
  • solve problematic behaviors;
  • perform the skills useful for adapting to change;
  • operate efficiently via the channels of a particular company;
  • monitor and control complicated cases and stressful environments;
  • begin and lead the projects with limited data or lack of experience;
  • display persistence in challenging conditions.

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